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Interdisciplinary (ID) education at NUV is designed to offer a broad-based education and help know about other disciplines so boundaries can be expanded and new interests created. During Autumn Semester 2017-18 following courses were offered to the students:

Computer Programming using Java
Regenerating inner city spaces
Islamic Art & Geometric Design
Visual Design
Legal Awareness
German Language
Money and Banking
Model making technique
Special children Course
Website making
Aids Awareness
Introduction to Painting
Express Out
Cinema: ideation, creation, appreciation
Fundamentals of Job Search
Vedic Mathematics
Design: Form & Function
Fundamentals of Research
Toy Factory
Elements of Public Relations
Golden Ratio and MATLAB
Introduction to MATLAB
Exploring Nature
Green Entrepreneurship
Gender and Space

The final display of all the ID courses shall be scheduled on Tuesday, 5th Dec 2017 from 2pm to 5pm. We shall use the 5th floor auditorium/open space/classrooms, library atrium and amphitheatre for the same. The display shall include the projects/presentation/models/artworks/assignments made by the students and the panels describing the process and learning.

There would be short film screenings in auditorium from 3pm onwards. Short plays and performance are organized in the amphitheatre from 3.30pm onwards.

The display shall be open to all students, faculty, parents and friends of university.

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