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Bachelor of Arts+

Called BA+, this three-year-six-semester Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate degree program in social sciences with a professional focus. The Program, is best described through three key words - societal relevance, broad-based education and interdisciplinarity - exposes students to wide-ranging issues concerned with society and relationships among individuals within a society, and prepares them for competence, knowledge base, skills set and expertise needed to become professionals in the social and governmental sectors.

The BA Curriculum has early education which is grounded in the humanities and social sciences such as sociology, economics and political science, followed by opportunity to major in Social Design and Innovation; Development Studies and Public Health. Internship is a significant component to ensure teaching is well-connected with social realities, and prepare graduates for the real world. A special emphasis on development of analytical skills, communication skills, entrepreneurship abilities and use of ICT tools is unique to the Program. Choice-based electives from different programs of the University offer opportunity to explore diverse interests in an interdisciplinary manner and enlarge the educational space. Social connect and know-your-community is achieved through a hands-on project KHOJ, wherein students from many majors across the university work collaboratively and apply disciplinary education in an interdisciplinary manner to solve complex social problems and bring about social innovation. There is an appropriate combination of theory, field work and research.

Career opportunities for such graduates are with industries under corporate social responsibility, the NGO sector and national and international development agencies. There is an appropriate combination of theory, field work and research. Graduates of this Program will develop a critical mind to engage with society, and also be prepared to pursue postgraduate programs.

Salient Features

  • Duration - 3 Years
  • Six Semesters- 126 credits
  • Class size-60
  • Internships
  • Theory and research
  • Field work
  • Interdisciplinary understanding
  • Social connect through Project KHOJ
  • Choice-based interdisciplinary electives
  • Specialization offered in various fields
  • Placement assistance

Specialization Offered

B.A+ Program offers specializations in THREE areas, namely;

  1. Social Design and Innovation
  2. Development Studies
  3. Public Health


Credit-based full-time Internship opportunity with prospective employers.

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