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NUV Samvad is a celebrity public lecture series hosted every Year by Navrachana University, Vadodara. NUV Samvad provides the participants a rare platform to engage in stimulating talk and discussions with eminent personalities from various walks of life. The objective is to enrich the community with ingenious ideas and practices. The lecture series is open to students, teachers, and other professionals.

The first NUV Samvad was held in February, 2011. The invited dignitary was the eminent Designer, author and speaker Prof. John Thackara. Prof. Thackara is a much renowned writer, Speaker and an event organizer. He is more popularly known for his books 'Design after Modernism', 'Lost in Space: A Traveler's Tale' and 'Winners! How Successful Companies Innovate by Design'. Also he is the director of 'Doors of Perception' and is involved with the 'Doors of Perception blog' and 'Newsletter' since 2002.Prof. Thackara spoke on the topic "Life's Work: Opportunities in the Restorative Economy".

The second lecture in The NUV Samvad Series was held in August 2011. Prof. Viviene Baumfield, an internationally renowned Educationist, Researcher and Professor of Pedagogy Policy at University of Glassgow, U.K, was invited by the University to conduct the lecture . Prof. Baumfield's current research area is 'Innovation in Pedagogy and Teacher Education' and she spoke on a topic that reflected her interest in the field – “Teacher's for 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities for Professional Learning".

The third NUV Samvad was held on 1st December, 2012 Saturday at 6:00 pm at Jyoti Gardens, Vadodara. This year's NUV Samvad was hosted by Navrachana University in association with Baroda Management Association (BMA). Shri. R. Gopalakrishnan, Director Tata Sons Ltd, as invited to deliver a talk for the NUV Samvad Series. R. Gopalakrishnan is a professional manager with over 45 years of experience. He had served in Jeddah as Chairman of Unilever Arabia, in Bangalore as Managing Director of Brooke Bond Lipton India, and finally as Vice Chairman of Hindustan Lever. Currently, he is Director, Tata Sons Ltd. He is the chairman of Tata Auto-Component Systems and Rallis India, the vice chairman of Tata Chemicals, and is a director of Tata Power and Tata Technologies. He is an independent director on the boards of Akzo Nobel India and Castrol India. He has authored Three books: “The Case of the Bonsai Manager: Lessons for Managers on Intuition ”, “When the Penny Drops: Learning What is Not Taught”, What The CEO Really Wants From You: The 4 A' s for Managerial Success”. Shri Gopalakrishnan Spoke on the topic, 'Decision Making: Why we lead our lives through intuition but pretend to live through rationality.' Shri Gopalakrishnan made a very influential presentation on the subject of 'intuition in decision making'. On this same platform , Shri Gopalakrishnan released his latest book 'What the CEO really wants from you: the 4 A's of Managerial Success' published by Harper Collns India.

The fourth in NUV Samvad series was a talk by Shri Ashoke Chatterjee, Ex-Director, National Institute of Design, on April 11, 2014 at Jyoti Gardens. The topic was “The Rural University: Past, Present and Future”. Prof. Ashoke Chatterjee is former executive director of National Institute of Design (NID) from 1975-85. In 1975, NID was invited to be involved with the Rural University, a new concept in education and rural development initiated by Professor Ravi Matthai, first director of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. Ashoke Chatterjee became part of the Rural University team that worked with people of the Jawaja block, which included about 200 villages with a population of approximately 80,000 people in a drought prone district of Rajasthan. Shri Chatterjee received Sir Misha Black Award in 1985 for his achievements in design education and management. Awarded annually to only one person, Shri Chatterjee is one of the two Indians to have received this coveted British Award given to people who have made a difference through design, internationally.

Ashoke Chatterjee presented a four decade journey for the Rural University from a community of artisans living in the desert region that was drought-prone, deforested, devoid of industrial infrastructure and crushed by social and political oppression, to now the Artisans Alliance of Jawaja (AAJ) and the Jawaja brand that has develop a reputation that extends to every craft market in India and to some of the most competitive markets overseas. The compelling story of business enterprise, social entrepreneurship, collective education, community work and the power of design and management in creating new markets for the new majority was the crux of the talk. An interesting interaction followed the talk. The audience also interacted with the artisans themselves, and got a bird’s eye view of the Jawaja story and the challenges that the Jawaja artisans have faced and are still facing. The lecture and interaction was an inspiring one and instilled in the listeners a will to take up new challenges and to work towards bringing out innovations in all areas and particularly in education – “A spirit to march together towards a better future".

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