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Convocation 2017

The Fifth Convocation Navrachana University's ceremony took place on December 9, 2017, at the university's campus on Vasna-Bayheli road in Vadodra. Navrachana University graduated 431 Bachelor's and Master's Degree students and 13 students received Gold Medals, 6 of whom were girls and the rest were boys. Amongst those who graduated, 189 specialized in Engineering and Information Technology, 101 in Management Studies, 57 in Sciences, 33 in Education, and 52 in Architecture and Interior Design. While many have secured admission in prestigious institutions abroad, a large number of them are received job offers from well known corporations.

The Commencement Address was given by Shri Sharad Sagar, Founder and CEO of Dexterity Global, a renowned entrepreneur.

Highlights of Chief Guest Shri Sharad Sagar's Commencement Speech

My personal life story is something students can identify with easily. The challenges I have met and overcome and whatever successes I may have achieved by the time I am 26, resonate positively with young students.

There are three things I would like the graduating students to focus on:
1.There will be numerous occasions when life will deliver punches; don't feel disheartened, pick yourself up, deliver a punch yourself and move on.
2. Just because you are a good person, and well-educated does not mean that tough things will not come your way. They will. Deal with them. That is what your education has or should have prepared you for.
3. You are never too YOUNG to make change happen. Learn to be patient. You will not be able to change the world overnight. You may not be able to change it in your lifetime. But still endeavour to make small changes. They will lead to the big change.

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