CSR Activities

The B.Ed curriculum of Navrachana University lays emphasis on regular interaction with community, because education without community involvement loses its essence. The social sensitization project – a part of B.Ed. curriculum, is one such project that allows the student – teachers to have an interface with the community and provides them with an insight in its working. This not only sensitizes them to the needs of the community, but also provides an opportunity to look into a different sphere of life.

Five batches of 12-14 students were sent to different institutions on 4th April, 2013.The institutes that our students visited included ‘Spandan – School for Mentally Challenged’ Karelibaug, ‘Koshish – A learning Centre for Special Children’, Akota, ‘Arpan Charitable Trust – A Learning Centre for Special Children’, Gotri, ‘Vanprasth Ashram – Old Age Home’,Nizampura and ‘St.Xavier’s School for Children of Migrant Workers’ Wagodia. They were accompanied by B.Ed Faculty members. The B.Ed students learned about the day to day operations of the establishments they visited. Also they organized a few fun activities for the entertainment of the inmates.

The following testimonials by our students are standing proof of the need for such initiatives:

  • “I was really touched after this visit”
  • “I felt we are normal but not doing anything great in life”
  • “As the teacher is sensitized towards the society then only she will sensitize students towards it”Blood Donation Drive

CISSNU (Community in solidarity with Students of Navrachana University), organized a blood donation camp in partnership with Axis Bank and Jalaram Blood Bank on 25 March 2013 at the university campus from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. “Light up a Life with a Gift” was the motto that drove many youngsters to support the cause and saw an enthusiastic response. Around 23.5 lts. of blood was collected on the day, which the organizers declared , was a substantial quantity for a four hour long camp.

Public Mission is an important aspect of education at the Navrachana University (NUV) in Vadodara and students are partnering with the University to help the community.

Business@NUV, a BBA students group in the College of Business and Law organized “The CSR Rally 2014”, a Paper and Clothes collection drive on February 1, 2014. The Rally was flagged off by Prof. Abir Mullick (Provost NUV) and the students drove around in an open vehicle across Vadodara collecting newspapers and old clothes. The proceedings from the Rally is used to help out students in the Eklavya Model Residential School in Vejalpur. The BBA students work closely with the Eklavya School in marketing the crafts made by the school students, and the revenue generated from the sale of crafts helps them to pursue school education. The CSR Rally 2014 is one important way in which the Navrachana students are helping the University fulfill the public mission.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a well known concept and it speaks of our responsibility towards the society and the need to maintain a balance between corporate gains and the duties towards our society. In the spirit of Charles William Eliot, President Harvard University who in his Inaugural Address in 1869 said, “and, so what will the University do for the community?” , the Navrachana University is committed to community initiatives to help the society. In addition to the Rally, a new initiative called “Students-to-Students”. Navrachana University students are getting ready to teach students in local schools plagued by teacher absenteeism which results in poor education for students in poverty. Initiatives like the Rally and Students-to-Students connect the community and University and pursue “education driven economic developmental.

CSR projects at Navrachana University helps the community and the University. While student involvement helps the community and foster economic development; for the University the community offers a real-life laboratory to learn conditions confronting common people, prepare students to get involved in real-life projects and make a difference. Alongside helping the community, the lessons learned from the community helps the University to modify curriculum and offer practical education of relevance at the society.