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CISSNU-BBA Guest Lecture Series

“Inspired Leadership for youth” was the motto of the guest lecture delivered by Shri G. Narayana, popularly known as “Guruji” on 6th February 2013. The lecture was organized by CISSNU under the auspices of Navrachana University. Guruji Shri G. Narayana, Chairman Emeritus of Excel Industries Limited, Chairman and Director of several companies, is also spending a missionary life. Guruji is a living example of leading an extremely fulfilling life. Smt. Tejalben Amin, Chairperson, Navrachana University, was herself present, to grace the occasion. Guruji held the hands of a few students before he initiated his talks and shared some of his mantras like “one needs to be self starter”, “a selfconfident team-worker” and above all “a leader” with the students. He also shared his views and ideas about becoming a great and effective leader. The lecture was first in the series of Guest lectures initiated by CISSNU (Committee in Solidarity with the Students of Navrachana University). The lecture was organised for students from all the streams.

Skype session with the University of Glasgow

TNavrachana University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Academic Cooperation was with the University of Glasgow, UK, in November 2011 to promote academic and educational cooperation among the academic fraternities of the two Universities. The activities envisaged were - exchange of academic and administrative staff, academic information and materials and conducting collaborative research projects, lectures / symposia. The Skype session was an initial exercise towards this endeavour and brought together the PhD scholars of both Universities at a common platform to discuss their research interests. The session was coordinated by Prof.Vivienne Baumfield (Univ. of Glasgow, UK) and Dr.Mandira Sikdar (Navrachana University, VadodaraNUV

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