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Interdisciplinary Education

Navrachana University’s new educational paradigm lays equal emphasis on disciplinary education and inter-disciplinary education to offer comprehensive learning and help develop T-Shape students who have a breadth of knowledge though inter-disciplinary education and a depth of knowledge though focused disciplinary education. Interdisciplinary education helps to cross-fertilize learning with new ideas from desperate disciplines so, collision at the fringes raise appropriate questions and create innovation.

Courses offered under ID are:

• Herbal Cosmetics
• Mathematics and Art
• Critical Thinking
• Script Writing
• Breaking the news
• Introduction to Social Work
• Computer Programming using Java
• Economics for Non-Commerce students
• Marketing Management
• Introduction to MS Office
• Money: Savings and Investments
• Understanding the Patent Regime in India
• Linocut/Woodcut Printing
• Sense the City
• Math and Patterns
• You are the Engineer at your home
• Electricity around us
• Renewable Energy Resources
• Everything about Engines
• Making Arduino Robots
• Interactive Games: How Computers Think and Act?
• Fuzzy Logic and control
• Probability-Life by chance
• Toy Factory
• Inquiring Nature
• Cinema: ideation, creation and appreciation
• Sketching
• Visual Design

Vasna Bhayali Road,Vadodara-391 410,Gujarat,India
: + 91 265 30 20 100
E-Mail : nuv@nuv.ac.in