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Statutory Bodies

Volume 1, Issue 1


1. The Heart and Soul of School Curriculum

2. Resolving Vectors


1. Construction of Fibonacci Spiral and Geometry in Golden Hexagon using Golden Sections

2. Construction of Golden Hexagon with golden section in equilateral Triangle

Social Science

1. Mainstream and Shadow Education: Contestations in Form and Function of School


Volume 1, Issue 2


1. Porous Pavement: Design and Cost Evaluation

2. Mathematics Teaching - Balancing Abstract Verses Concrete


Volume 2, Issue 1


1. Direct Stiffness Method for a Curved Beam and Analysis of a Curved Beam Using SAP


Volume 2, Issue 2


1. Development, Design, Applications and Handling of Tesla Coil Transformers: A Review

2. Behavior of Structural Systems for High Rise Buildings

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