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MSW Program

MSW is a two years full time degree program. Students gain a background in Social theory. In this course students are exposed to a wide range of social work topics, including social justice, social welfare policy, mental health practice, human behavior and research methodology. After successful completion of the MSW course students will be able to work in governmental, non-governmental and international organizations, Education, corporate or other fields.

At the end of MSW program students will be able to:
- Develop comprehensive understanding of social context and various variables at the local, regional, national and international level.
- Specialize in the selected area of concentration: policy, practice and praxis
- Develop policy, practices and research in the chosen area of concentration
- Develop skills necessary to work in the chosen area of concentration
- Develop entrepreneurship skills necessary to initiate and sustain a new start up.

Salient features of M.S.W program:

- Duration 2 years
- Four semester 96 credits
- Class size 40
- Field work one month in each semester
- Theory and research
- Concentrations/ specialization
- Working with local community and NGOs
- Entrepreneurship
- Choice based interdisciplinary electives
- Competence and skills to be developed: research, preparing reports, policy and advocacy programs.

Eligibility for MSW:

- Bachelor's degree in any subject.
- Entrance test and interview.

Entrance Exam Syllabus
The questions of the MSW entrance examination mainly asked from the areas like
- General Knowledge
- Reasoning Ability
- Social Work
- Verbal Ability
- Math
- English

Second Round Entrance Test:

11th July 2017 10.30 to 12.30 followed by personal interview.

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