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Second National Conference
Innovating for Development and Sustainability
Navrachana University, Vadodara
5-6 October, 2017

About The Theme

Innovation and Sustainability are buzz words which are often thrown around without bridging the gap between the two. While Development has remained part of a generic usage, despite of having a disputed history. Over the decades, the World has witnessed contentious forms of Development, which has created a lot more challenges than opportunities. It is only in the current millennium that emphasis is being put upon Innovation for Development. Innovation does not mean technological innovation, instead, it is Identifying effective solutions to create value for the individuals and nations which are facing developmental challenges (UNDP, 2016). When the World is investing a huge amount of resources, both in terms of money and time it is imperative to assess its sustainability quotient.

Given such a challenging context, this Conference invites quality academic and professional work that explores following questions, but not limited to these:

  • Can innovation be a critical practice, in reference to the question of sustainability?
  • Can an interdisciplinary approach foster a new form of knowledge which is central to Innovation, Development and Sustainability?
  • What kind of innovation is required to reposition people as the central element of any policy making process?
  • How can social innovation systemically tackle economic inequality?
  • Has the Public-Private partnerships strengthened the idea of development with sustainability in our society?

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