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Vision & Mission

The Navrachana Education Society (NES) is a registered Charitable Trust established in 1965. It is headed by a Board of Trustees comprising of educationists, philanthropists and administrators. With 50 Years of Excellence in Education, the Society is acclaimed for its achievements - for having imparted through its Institutions, quality education for over four decades. Navrachana Education Society is professionally managed by an Executive Committee, vastly experienced in administration and modern-day education management


To develop knowledgeable, technologically competent and socially responsible individuals capable of facing challenges of the professional and personal worlds of today and tomorrow.


Our mission is to create leaders who can bring about a change in local and national conditions, and create a difference, internationally through the power of high quality education grounded in interdisciplinary thinking without sacrificing disciplinary education, while inculcating a sense of care for the user, the profession, the society and the environment.

Our key goals are to:

First, professional education must prepare students with strong disciplinary insights needed to address the challenges confronting the professional community and inculcate a sense of lifelong learning to be successful and excel overtime.

Second, offer interdisciplinary education that cross-fertilize learning with new ideas from desperate disciplines so collision at the fringes raise appropriate questions and create innovation.

Third, general education must inform students about the issues that arise in their lives, personally, professionally, and socially and help them to be reflective about their beliefs and choices, and their presuppositions and motivations.

Fourth, make the process of learning more effective through exposure into real working conditions by practically applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. At the same time, invite students to work on "messy", seemingly intractable problems through a focus on social entrepreneurship and address pressing problems in our immediate community.

Fifth, introduce and inculcate a research driven education to inculcate a sense of problem solving and train leaders for academia, industry and the society.

Sixth, focus on entrepreneurship education to help create students who are not necessarily job-seekers but job-creators so new opportunities for everyone can be created.

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E-Mail : nuv@nuv.ac.in