Student Success Story # 10 (eTricks Media)

Yash Pathai
Alumni BBA
Yash Pathai
Alumni BBA
Venture: eTricks Media
Contact: (M) 9099913122
About eTricks Media

The company is formulated as a "helping hand" to trading and business sector to nurture its growth by a channel we like to call ‘Versatile Social Sites’. It will be a rapid mediator striving to promote business in a unique and pervasive way. The company is also venturing into event organizing. The company's goal covers a winsome help to Vadodara residents to harmonize their personal events as well. eTricks Media has decided to become a supporting pillar to bring audience closer to your business and gently prioritizing client's case by making their event appealing, colorful and joyful.
About Yash Pathai and his venture

For Yash Pathai, a meritorious ex-student of Navrachana University, becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t easy. He started his venture in June ’16 with a vision to bring change in the way people see and follow social media platforms. He says that he goes by the lines of the great poet Robert Frost.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

He says that entering the exciting market of Social Media Marketing which already has a lot of players was scary at first. He adds that he’s grateful to Navrachana University for providing guidance and exposing him to the corporate world from his early BBA days until when he graduated.
Vasna Bhayali Road,Vadodara-391 410,Gujarat,India
: + 91 265 617 2100
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