Student Success Story # 13 (All Terrain Vehicle)

Students of “AutoMates@nuv” club of Navrachana University has designed and manufactured the single seaterAll Terrain Vehicle (ATV). This is an off-road vehicle, which is meant to run on all terrain.

The team consisted students amalgamated from all four years of Engineering. They have worked for 4 months to design and manufacture the car following the rules and regulations of Society Of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India, under the guidance of Head of department Mr. Adil Khan, Mr. Arekhar, Mr.Buddhisagar and Mr. Sourabh Jain. The ATV has 300mm of ground clearance and works on 305 cc Briggs & Stratton Engine specially designed for off road vehicles giving high torque. The ATV had the gear system of Piaggio Ape with a self designed reverse mechanism added by students. Every part of the car is specifically designed and customized as per the need. The various things like acceleration, load carrying capacity, brakes, manoeuvrability,safety and endurance point of the car are tested. The maximum speed of the car is 60 Km/hr with towing capacity of 800 kg.

As safety was the top priority, the installation of "5" point seat belt and arm restraint for the driver was done. Apart from this, fire extinguisher and kill switch (for instant turning off the engine) are mounted on the car. The team worked in the University’s mechanical workshop for manufacturing car. The overall project gave the students practical exposure. They were able to connect the classroom theories with practical implementation. The car was very economically engineered not compromising the quality. The total cost of developing the ATV was Rs 90,000.

Team represented in National event Mega ATV Championship held at Bhubaneshwar, Orissa in March 2016. There were 59 teams from all over the nation.

The members involved in making the ATV

Priyal Sheth (Captain)

Manal Sheth (Strategist and Designer)

Chinmay Vyas (Strategist and Technical Head)

Sudhin Poduval (Team Manager)

Nilay Rathod

Dhaval Panchal (ATV Driver)

Vraj Patel

Nikhil Patel

Harshad Gami

Jay Panchal

Devansh Agrawal

Akshay Jinwala

Shivang Patel

Advait Karkar

Siddhant Deshmukh


Anas Sheikh

Yatik Pandya

Devashish Bhatt


Mohit Sidani



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