The competition organized by YAC – Young Architects Competition was to transform Poveglia into a Dream University Campus, a place of training, leisure and relaxation for the many students gathering in Venice. The brief encouraged integration of existing ruins with several other functions such as administrative unit, academic unit, library, multipurpose hall, canteen, auditorium and student housing. The design concept was generated through the strong historical past of the island, revolving around the political rule on the island – its initial use as a safe house for the followers of Doge then as ammunition storage for Napoleon Bonaparte and in the end as an asylum during the Bubonic Plague.
The team (team name - INCURVO) was shortlisted among the top 30 finalists of the competition and they were invited to Verona on the 14th of September to attend the award ceremony. Their work will be published in architectural magazines, websites and exposition. They will also be receiving a one year subscription of Casabella magazine.
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