Student Success Story # 9 (Economically viable Microprocessor )

KHOJ is a unique interdisciplinary project done by students of Navrachana University wherein they try to find ways to tackle social problems using the knowledge acquired at the University.

Deepan and Aniruddha have tried to popularize the use of cost-effective microprocessor for the economically weaker sections of the society. They believe that it will also help in digitization and upliftment of the rural areas.

The Microprocessor has
1. One Ethernet slot
2. Memory based on SD card (expandable)
3. Two GB ram
4. 3.5 mm audio jack
5. Four USB slots
6. 1.6 GHz QuadCore processor
7. HDMI slot (To connect it to any monitor)

It can work with any popular Operating System. The model is based on Rasberry Pi
Cost effectiveness

The cost of the CPU is a mere 3000 Rs.

Word by the students

Deepan says, “These kinds of projects help us to actually see the reality of our society and they inspire us to apply whatever we learn at college to the betterment of the society.”
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