Ms. Rachana Gala

Academic Associate


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Phone : 7567811088


Rachana Gala an alumni of School of Environmental Design And Architecture, Navrachana University completed her Bachelor in Design, 2016. She has proved her competence and since 2015 she has been associated with teaching at her alma.

 Her research thesis was based on – “Transformable Furniture; A study, analysis & it’s influence in India.”

Competition/ Other Professional Work

  • 2014 Wooden Furniture Workshop at Hunarshala, Bhuj, Kutchh.
  • 2015 Bamboo Workshop, Mandvi, Gujarat
  • 2016 Mud Construction Technology Workshop, Hunarshala, Bhuj, Kutchh.
  • 2016-2017 Secound Winner for designing  “National War Museum” at Princess Park, New Delhi, India.

Her learning has evolved in a very short period of time and has been a valuable contribution to the University. Her design understanding has evolved through a process of constant query into areas of concept development as well as construction technology. She has been creatively exploring different process not only in design but has also efficiently extended her understanding in various aspects of built environment. Her ability of understanding and resolving design process through diagramming & abstraction, with fundamentals of research & analytical thinking has very strongly been academically potentialized. She has been very efficiently teaching subjects like spatial vocabulary, technical representation of drawing, elements -  it’s composition in space,  building construction – technology, user based volumetric design and stage design, which are integral and core to the philosophy of SEDA.


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