Dr. Hiral H. Parikh

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering, SET

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Dr. Hiral Parikh completed her Ph.D from Charusat, Changa University. Her field of study is Tribology of Composite Materials. She did her Masters in Technology from Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidhyalaya, Vidhyanagar and her Bacherlors in Technology from G.H. Patel College of Engineering, Vidhyanagar.


She joined Navrachana University in July 2013 as an Assistant Professor.

Scholarship and Accomplishments

Dr. Hiral Parikh has pursued her Ph.D from CHARUSAT, Changa University in the field of Tribological Characterization of Polymer Matrix Composites. Her research interest areas are Biodegradable Composites, Polymer and polymer composites, Tribological characterization, Adhesive and Abrasive Wear Analysis.

She teaches Machine Design subjects to undergraduate students. She has guided many undergraduate projects and two postgraduate projects. A recipient of Dean’s Choice Award - 2015 at Navrachana University, she serves as an external examiner at CHARUSAT to evaluate undergraduate students for the machine design subject.

She has authored several research papers which have been published in National and International Conference proceedings. She is the author of two book chapters with Spriger and ACME (Advances in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering) publishers. She has five international journal publications. She is also a member of Tribology Society of India and Indian Society of Technical Education.



1. Parikh H.H. & Gohil P.P (2015). Tribology of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites—A review. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites. 34(16),1340–1346, DOI: 10.1177/073/684415591199 , Impact factor as 2014 SCI Index: 1.503.

2. Parikh H.H. & Gohil P.P (2016). Effect of Fly Ash Concentration on Wear Behavior of Cotton Fiber Polyester Composites and Predicting Dry Sliding Wear Behavior Using Response Surface Method. European Journal of Scientific Research, 141(4), 476-485.

3. Parikh H.H. & Gohil P.P (2016). Effect of Fillers Concentration on Tensile Strength of Cotton Fiber Polyester Composites. Materials Today: Proceedings. XX (2017) XXX–XXX.

4. Parikh H.H. & Gohil P.P. Experimental Investigation of Graphite Fillers for Wear Behavior of Cotton Fiber Polyester Composites and Prediction of Wear Behavior with Artificial Neural Network. Friction, Springer publication.

Status: Selected for Publication - Under Printing

5. Parikh H. H. & Gohil P.P. Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Pultruded Glass Fiber Epoxy Composites: Effect of Temperature. Materials Today: Proceedings. XX (2017) XXX–XXX.

6. Parikh H.H. & Gohil P.P. Influence of Sic Fillers on Wear Characteristic of Cotton Fiber Polyester Composites. Indian Journal of Engineering and Material Science. Submitted on 04th April 2016. [paper id: NISCAIR (IJEMS-8062)/16],

Status: under review.


Book Chapters:

1. Parikh H.H. & Gohil P.P (2015). Composites as TRIBO Materials in Engineering Systems: Significance and Applications. A Volume in the Advances in Chemical and Materials Engineering (ACME) Book Series: Processing Techniques and Tribological Behavior of Composite Materials, ISSN: 2327-5448; elSSN: 2327-5456, ISBN 978-1-4666-7530-8 (hardcover) – ISBN 978-1-4666-7531-5 (ebbok), pp. 168-191. DOI: 1040181978-1-4666-7530-8


National and International Conference:

1. Parikh H.H. & Gohil P.P. Investigations of Friction and Wear in Pultruded Glass Fiber Epoxy Composites. International Conference on Advances in Tribology and Engineering Systems, organized by L.D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, during 15-17th October 2013. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, DOI: 10.1007/978-81-322-1656-8_16, Springer India 2014, ISSN 2195-4356 ISSN 2195- 4364 (Electronic), ISBN, 978-81-322-1655.

2. Parikh H. H. & Gohil P.P, Sliding Wear Analysis of Pultruded Glass Fiber Polyester Composites. National Conference on Design analysis and Optimization in Mechanical Engineering (DAOME-2016) organized by The M S University, Vadodara on 18-19th March 2016.




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