Ms. Jyoti Sohoni

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering, SET

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Phone : +91-0265-3020194

She completed her Masters in Electrical Engineering (Automatic Control) from The M. S. University of Baroda. Her ME thesis was titled ‘Adaptive PID Controller’. She has also done her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from MSU, Baroda.

She joined Navrachana University in July 2013 as an Assistant Professor with the Electrical Engineering Department. Ms. Sohoni worked earlier at MSU, Baroda for seven years as a Lecturer with the Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology and Engineering.

Professor Sohoni has a teaching experience of over ten years. She covers the courses like Control Systems Engineering, Measurement & Instrumentation and Signals & Systems. She has also taught Modern Control Theory (non-linear control theory) at the post graduate level (at The M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara.)Currently, she is researching the area of Transient Stability of Power Systems. Some of her roles are

  • Contributing to the development of laboratories in the Electrical Engineering Department
  • She is one of the faculties involved in the interdisciplinary courses such as the KHOJ (based on social issues/concerns) and Entrepreneurship.
  • She is involved with students’ activities in terms of helping them in their voluntary projects, educational visits and likes. 
  • She has also been instrumental in arranging guest/expert lectures (pertaining to Engineering discipline) at the Navrachana University Campus. 

She believes that learning is a perfect blend of what a teacher has to deliver and how a student is able to receive it. It’s important that the student has an appetite for what the teacher is delivering. Following this philosophy, Professor Sohoni makes it a point to get the students aware of “why are they learning something?” apart from what are they going to learn. Additionally, classroom participation is encouraged through discussions in the running lectures, flipped classrooms. Reading is encouraged through survey based assignments or presentation. This also enables a healthy student-teacher interaction.

She is a recipient of the Dean’s Choice Award 2016 (Faculty, Electrical) at Navrachana University. 

Vasna Bhayali Road,Vadodara-391 410,Gujarat,India
: + 91 265 617 2100
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