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Amulya did her masters in Criminal and security laws from Nirma University, Ahmedabad, with thesis titled ‘ A study of judicial trend from victimological perspective with special reference to rape victim’.
She did her bachelors from Mohanlal Sukhadia University,Udaipur.

She has joined Navrachana University in 2018 as a lecturer.

Research and Publication
Her research area are Rape laws, forensic medicine and victimology and she has published and presented numerous papers.

List of Papers Published

  • ‘Factors Responsible for Female Foeticide in India’ in ‘The 19 (1) (a) Freedom of Speech & Expression Peer Reviewed Half Yearly Law Journal’, Special issue of International seminar on Socio-Cultural factors affecting crime bearing ISSN No: 2348-4950.
  • ‘Altitude of Re-Rape in India With Special Reference to Gender Equality’ in ‘Legal Desire International Journal on Law’, Issue XVth January 2018 bearing ISSN No: 2347-3525.
  • ‘Altitude of Re-Rape in India’ in ‘International journal of Legal Research’, Volume, 4 Issue 2, December 2017 bearing ISSN No:2349-8463.
  • ‘New dimensions of Citizenship vis-a-vis globalisation’, Volume 8, Issue 4, june 2018 in Amity global law journal.

List of Papers Presented

  • I presented a paper titled ‘Factors Responsible for Female Foeticide in India’ at International seminar on Factors affecting Crime organized byModern Law College, Pune in collaboration with Cultural House of Islamic Republic of Iran (17th March 2018).
  • I presented a paper titled ‘Altitude of Re-Rape in India with Special reference to Gender Inequality’ at Legal Desire Summit 2018 organized by Ansal University Gurgram (28 January 2018).
  • I presented a paper titled ‘Contribution of Forensic Medicine in Criminal Justice Administration in India’ at 40th Criminology conference organized by Gandhinagar National Law University in collaboration with Indian Society of Criminology (19-21 January 2018).
  • I participated in National Conference on Justice Education organized by Nirma University Ahmedabad (10 and 11 November 2017)
  • I presented a paper titled ‘Altitude of Re-Rape in India’ at 6th International Conference on Victim Assistance held at O.P Jindal Global University,Sonipat, Haryana (27-28 October 2017)
  • I presented paper titled ‘Victim’s Right in Globalised World’ at 15th Asian Post Graduate course on Victimology,Victim Assistance held at Centre for Victimology and psychological Studies, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences, O.P Jindal Global University Sonipat (23 October-4 November 2017). 
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