Opportunity To Serve Others
Professionally trained Social Workers can be an asset in multitude of roles, whether its welfare of laborers, to aid people with learning disabilities, patient counseling in hospitals, to help women or children in distress/under trial or to empower villagers associated with CSR foundations.
Wide Scope & Great Career Options
Social Workers can apply for jobs in industries either as HR Managers, Labor Welfare Officers or Program Managers in CSR projects. In the health sector, they can work as Medical Social Workers or Counselors. In schools, they can work as shadow teachers, and in villages they can conduct advocacy programs for government policies and schemes. They can also work with international agencies such as UNICEF, UNESCO and FAO or with the government in departments related to tribal development, disaster management, child protection, dowry prevention and rehab centers.
A Growing Field With Job Security
In a developing country like India, the demand for MSW professionals is constantly rising. Moreover, a career in Social Work comes with job security because there will always be communities in need of resources and advocates for change. You can also start your own NGO or social enterprise and become a job creator instead of a job seeker.
Life Skills Development
Pursuing MSW doesn't just prepare you for a career in social work, but also develops life skills and perspectives that come in handy throughout your life.
The School of Liberal Studies and Education launched the MSW Program in 2016 with the goal of training students to become professional social workers, who thrive in all kinds of work environments - right from villages to international agencies.
The School is well connected with government bodies, non-profits and CSR Foundations, who act as Partners and offer practical training to students through field work and internship opportunities. The School initiates and gets involved in numerous activities, from Blood Donation Camps to Awareness Skits, to ensure that students have a variety of experiences that keep them rooted, but also give them the chance to fly high.
The two-year, full time postgraduate program is designed to train students to take up leadership responsibilities in the development sector by providing required knowledge, skills, attitude, values and commitment essential for the field of Social Work.
By engaging students in intensive field work, the Program will ready students for roles in industries, government bodies and non-government organizations, wherein they will be able to work independently or collaboratively in the areas of social policy, social service and social administration.
Through interdisciplinary courses and holistic understanding of the social sector, the program will equip students to work in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, Labor Welfare and Human Resource Management, Environment, Gender, Women and Child Welfare, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, and will develop their competency in conducting research, preparing reports, and advocating policy, programs and campaigns.
MSW @ NUV Advantage
Strong focus on informed application of knowledge through field work, internships, and projects
Interdisciplinary approach for holistic learning
Social Immersion Project and co-curricular activities in the field of development, arts, and culture
Skill development in conducting research, preparing reports and advocating policy and programs
Opportunity to learn about Social Entrepreneurship as an integral part of the curriculum
Strong focus on informed application of knowledge through field work, internships, and projects
Inter-disciplinary approach for holistic learning
Social Immersion Project and co-curricular activities in the field of development, arts, and culture
Skill development in conducting research, preparing reports and advocating policy and programs
Opportunity to learn about Social Entrepreneurship as an integral part of the curriculum
Well-structured classroom sessions and close, personal interaction with faculty
Regular workshops, talks and interactive sessions with social activists, development sector professionals and social workers
Experiential learning through exclusive visits to NGOs, government organizations and industrial units
Case studies and projects for application of concepts to real-life situations
Fieldwork and Research Project
Each student undergoes credit-based fieldwork in four different domain areas of social work, which are: urban community setting, rural community setting, medical psychiatric setting, and HR/IR.
Another integral part of the post graduate degree program is the two semester-long Research Project during the 3rd & 4th semester, under the guidance of a domain expert. Both Fieldwork and Research Project provide an opportunity for the students to explore their interest in their field of choice and build a healthy and positive connection with preferred agencies, to pave the way for future placements.
Rural Camp and Study Tour
Each student is required to undertake two compulsory components of the curriculum i.e. Rural Camp and Study Tour at the end of 1st and 3rd semester, respectively.
Both the activities help the students to develop and demonstrate culturally responsive, ethical, evidence-based practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. These activities are partly led and managed by students and in the process, they learn to organize and manage events. They also experience group living as a part of these activities.
Industry Connect
Regular live projects, guest lectures, field visits and internships expose students to contemporary issues, innovations, and actions on the field. This enables students to identify areas of interest, explore possibilities and learn from the subject matter experts in real scenarios.
The NUV Industry Connect provides our graduates a double advantage – firstly they are more employable and as they have industry experience, they perform better in their first job and therefore, tend to grow faster.
Program Details
4 Semesters   |   33 Courses (100 credits)   |   Class size - 20 students
Admission Process
Last date for submitting Application Form
Will be announced soon
Graduate or equivalent in any stream with minimum 50%
Written aptitude test and personal interview to assess potential, area of interest, confidence, presence of mind and long-term goals
Limited number of Merit Scholarships are available to meritorious students with a score of over 70% marks in Scholarship exam
The scholarship is offered to students whose parents combined income does not exceed 8 lakh rupees per year
Interested candidates must meet Admin Department after seeking admission
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The world you will encounter when you graduate three or four years from now, will not look anything like what it was when the textbooks were written. To ensure our students excel in a world that is changing at a never before rate, we at Navrachana University have developed a holistic curriculum wherein the emphasis is not just on gathering knowledge but on 'informed application in the real world'.
Our students are exposed and taught to deal with constantly unfolding unknowns. The goal is to train their mind to be alert, analyze and adapt at an accelerated pace, and swing into action early so that they can lead the change. If you are looking to invest in education that will go beyond your first job and give you a lifelong competitive edge, Navrachana University is where your search ends.
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