Dear NUV Alumni,

As a Navrachana University alum and employed at the university, I take immense pleasure in inviting you to reconnect with your Alma Mater Navrachana University (NUV) so relationships we have developed between us and the relationship we have had with the university can be continued. The spirit of NUV is community focused, and it does not end at graduating from the university, but remains as an integral part of our personal and professional identity throughout life. During the institution building process, University-Alumni relationship plays an important role in formulating our lives and that of students yet to graduate. This is the bond that must be nurtured, such that the spirit and values of NUV are carried forward within its alumni and within the NUV community. The Association is a big step towards achieving this envisioned academic and professional goal.

The mission of the NUVAA is to support the University and student’s knowledge, skills and experience sharing; to advocate and interpret the University’s goals and achievements to others; and to promote a spirit of unity and loyalty among its former students. NUVAA will facilitate the development and fostering of a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and its alumni. The purpose of the NUVAA is to celebrate the uniqueness of the “NAVRACHANA” experience, to support the work of the University, and to build a long lasting tie between the Alumni, NUV, and the professional Community.

The Navrachana University Vadodara Alumni Association will achieve this vision through:

  • A strong and proactive relationship between Alumni and the University
  •  Advance the unique needs of alumni, while supporting the University’s goals
  • Develop an awareness of Navrachana University’s history, accomplishments, programs and offerings
  • Promote a sense of University pride among all its former students
  • Provide the University with insight into the needs of the communities it serves through regular feedback
  • Plan and implement Alumni events in collaboration with the NUV

Benefits for NUVAA member:

  • Free access to the NUV Library for one year. For reading only.
  • Use of University Auditorium, Galleries and Conference rooms for meetings.
  • Recruit students for place of work.
  • Mentor students for better professional fittingness.
  • Raise funds for student activiies.
  • Organize Students Club activities.
  • Host the Alumni Day/Annual Meet. Whole day event clubbed with NUV convocation.
  • Organize Convocation in collaboration with University.
  • Invitation to university’s cultural events and academic activities
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