BA-Journalism & Mass Comm

BA-Journalism & Mass Comm core purpose is to create an expression that has shared meaning among two or more people based on local and/or global narratives of particular time and space, using techniques of persuasion retaining its independence while concurrently engaging with the State and Society.

The three-year course in Journalism and Mass communication is designed to prepare professionals with critical ability, conceptual and practical skills required of a Journalist, Advertising professional, a Public Relations professional and a Film maker.

Forms of Media
Radio, Television, Print, Cinema and Digital Media

Forms of Practices
Photo journalism, Investigative journalism, , Data journalism, Graphic (comic/cartoon/graphic novel), Independent films and documentaries, Public Relations, Advertising

Specialized reporting
Business, Travel, Political and Global affairs, Feature writing, Opinion piece, Cultural affairs, Climate change.

Foundational Support
Elements of Journalism / Advertising / Public relations / Filmmaking, Media law, Public Institutions and Mass Communication & Society.

Skills and robust hands on learning exercises
Studio/Seminar as well as engaging sessions in interdisciplinary settings Internship in the media industry Capstone project.

Mass Communication Aptitude Test(MCAT) :
To be suited to mass communication profession, one must have ability to think critically, pay attention to detail and have perspective on all that happens around. Also one must be expressive in oral or written or visual medium. This test will aim to assess the above in the aspiring candidates.

Personal Interview and Portfolio Presentation :
Personal interview will comprise a conversation to assess the same abilities stated above (in MCAT).
Portfolio is a compilation of experimental works (written articles, short stories, poems, photographs, illustrations, posters, short films, performances etc.), which recommends their candidature.

Aptitude Test and Interview Details

Aptitude Test and Interview: Every Fridays.
Round 5 is scheduled on June 21st, 2019 Friday at University Campus
For students who miss the previous rounds, the sixth round will be on 28th June 2019 – Friday
Reporting time: 10.30 AM
Exam timing: 11.00 AM- 1.00 PM
Interview: 2.00 PM- 4.00 PM
Venue: Room No- 503, NEW BUILDING
Candidates can present any kind of previous works they have done to the Interview panel.

Eligibility to apply :

Minimum 45% in class XII board exams in any stream.

No. of seats : 35

Weightage of selection criteria :

  • Aptitude test – 70%
  • Interview – 30%

List of Faculties

  1. Dr. Vandana Talegaonkar
  2. Bhargav Pancholi
  3. Hitarth Pandya
  4. Akhila C K

Visiting faculty: Maithilee Desai


BA-Journalism & Mass Comm, semester breakup 2018-19
Sr. No. Semester1 (24credits) Semester2 (23credits) Semester3 (24credits) Semester4 (23credits) Semester5 (23credits) Semester6 (20credits)
1 Contemporary society (3) Journalism and Public Institutions (3) Intro. to Radio Journalism (3) Data journalism (3) documentary (2) Research methodology (4)
2 Elements of Journalism (3) Elements of Reportage and Journalistic writing (3) Intro. to Print Journalism (3) Investigative Journalism (3) Studio V (Documentary making)(2) Capstone project (4)
3 Elements of Advertising (3) News and News Value (3) Intro. to TV Journalism (3) Journalism in the age of social media (3) * Elective–2 subjects of 5 credits each(10) Internship (8)
4 Elements of Public Relations (3) Advertising Tools (3) Photo journalism (3) Professional Practicesand ethics in AD, PR and Journalism(3) Khoj (3) Entrepreneurship [Media] (2)
5 Mass Comm. & Soc. (2) Tools of Public Relations (3) Graphic Narrative (3) Studio IV (Film production-professional practices)(3) ID elective (2) Contemporary issues and its manifestation-VI (1)
6 Studio I (Visual Language) (2) Studio II (Intro. to Semiotics, Narrative and Aesthetics)(3) Language proficiency (2) Environment reporting (3) Independent studies (2) Colloquium (1)
7 English language proficiency (2) Contemporary issues and its manifestation-II (1 Studio III (Elements of filmmaking)(3) Journalism (media) andLaw (3) Contemporary issues and its manifestation-V (1)
8 Elements of Journalistic Inquiry (2) Colloquium (1) ID elective (2) Contemporary issues and its manifestation-IV (1) Colloquium (1)
9 Contemporary issues and its manifestation-I (1) Articulation| framing thoughts(1) Contemporary issues and its manifestation-III (1) Colloquium (1)
10 Colloquium (1) Humanities3–Philosophy (1) Colloquium (1)
11 Humanities1–Cultural Anthropology (1) Humanities4–Economics (1)
12 Humanities2–Psychology (1)

Details of elective courses in Semester 5
Students must choose one elective from each group of electives.

  1.  Political and Global Affairs Journalism
  2.  Business and Finance Journalism
  3.  Lifestyle Journalism 1 (Art, Food, Culture and Travel)
  4.  Lifestyle Journalism 2 (Entertainment, Fashion and Sports)


  1. Advertising and Public Relations
  2.  Film Studies
  3.  Writing for Mass Media

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