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The B.Design -Interior Program at Navrachana University is a full-time four year undergraduate program that offers a strong foundation in architecture while providing essential education necessary to succeed in Interior Design spaces, to offer architectural thinking to better understand building components, successfully develop and connect interior design components to Implementation, and succeed in multi-disciplinary teams that shape variety of careers in Interior Design and allied fields ranging from Space Planning, Residential, Corporate, and Retail Interiors, Furniture Design, Exhibition and Stage-set Designs.

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  1. The program gives learners freedom to choose from a vast array of projects; from residential units to large-scale corporate and theatre settings, approached through a set of thought processes. The program provides a balanced focus on process as well as project-based learning through Space Planning, Residential, Adaptive Reuse, Retail and Corporate Interiors, Furniture Design and Theatre Design Studios, supplemented by technical and skill-based courses.
  2. Equip learners with appropriate material knowledge through exposure to in-house state-of-the-art facilities such as SEDA Material Lab, Workshops, Pottery and Photography labs etc.
  3. Explore adequate techniques of representation and presentation in order to communicate design ideas effectively.
  4. Value and enhance local and indigenous building craft knowledge through understanding, documentation and research in diverse areas. Regular field visits and Related Study Programs are an important opportunity to learn from our built heritage.
  5. Sensitize learners to important aspects of behavior and user- psychology, in order to become versatile and responsive professionals.

ELIGIBILITY: Candidates who have passed 10+2 level examination in any stream with at least 50% marks

OR Candidates who have passed 10+3 Diploma Examination with at least 50% marks


  • The admissions are done through SEDA Common Entrance Exam (In-house test) and personal interview that is usually conducted in the month of June. The merit list and admissions are declared on Navrachana University website. 
  • Candidates must fill the online form and upload all the necessary documents. In case the candidate is waiting for 12th board result, the mark-sheet could be presented at the time of entrance test.
  • The dates of the SEDA Common Entrance Exam will be declared soon.

Lateral Admissions in 2nd/3rd year :

  • This is for students who have already completed 1/2 years in design/architecture programs in any other institute.
  • Students interested in lateral admission in the 2nd/3rd year are requested to mail their application to deanseda@nuv.ac.in.
  • Please mention clearly the program(s) you are interested in.
  • Please attach your portfolio of 1st/2nd year works and mark sheets of these semesters with the mail.
  • The last date of receiving applications is June 15, 2020.

Q1 – What are the career prospects for a Design graduate?

Ans – Design program offers a very strong professional base degree. After this most students get hired by prestigious firms of Design and many however choose to start their own practice

Q2 – Can I do specialization (Masters) after Design?

Ans – Since B-Design is a 4-year professional degree. It is recognized as a valid degree for pursuing Masters in specialization in many renowned Universities across the world. 

While many are pursuing Masters in prestigious Universities all across the globe, some graduates have also secured good job positions at various architectural and design firms.

Q3 – What is unique about the Design program at SEDA?

Ans – We believe in learning by doing, so we indulge in lot of hands on learning.

Students are exposed to in-house state of the art facilities like the SEDA Material Lab, Wood workshop, Pottery and Photography labs. We get the best experts from the Industry to come and teach. We have very talented and passionate faculty members and presently the Dean is an internationally acclaimed architect with over 25 years of teaching experience.

Q4 – Is it a lot of work?

Ans – Oh yes! If you join Design, you sell your soul to the profession! It’s a lot of work but the work is so exciting that it is so much fun to be part of a Design school. It is a life changing experience. But you will love it!

Q6 – What about International Exchange? Do you have any?

Ans – We are presently pursuing and in talks with many universities across the world. And hopefully in a year’s time we should have exchange programs with Universities in Europe and North America. 

Q7 – How is the student life at SEDA?

Ans – SEDA enjoys a very strong student culture. Our students are very enthusiastic and organize many activities on their own; from organizing lectures series related to the field of design, sports events, music and jam sessions to having started their own student Newsletter. Overall, they enjoy a very positive rapport with their fellow colleagues and peers at the campus.

Q8 – What is the admission process for Bachelor of Design?

Ans – Admission to Bachelor of Design takes place through in-house entrance test and interview. The test focuses on drawing skills, imagination and awareness of the candidate. This entrance test is conducted in the month of June. 

Q9 – Do you have hostel facilities at NUV?

Ans – Yes, we have a hostel facility for both boys and girls 2 km away from the campus. But we do have a lot of newly built apartment buildings near the University, where most of our students prefer to rent on sharing basis.

Q10 – How many seats are there for Bachelor of Design?

Ans – We have an intake of 40 seats in B – Design Program.

Course Structure
Course Code Course Name Credit
DE101 Studio-1 (Making of Space) 4
DE102 Basic Design-1 4
CT103 Construction technology – 1 4
TE103 Fundamental of structure – 1 2
HS161 History and Theory of Architecture-1 (Culture and Built Form) 2
DW106 Drawing, Painting, Sketching-1 3
Dw102 Solid Geometry + Tech. Dwgs.-1 3
Elective 2
Course Code Course Name Credit
DE103 Studio 2 4
DE104 Basic Design – 2 4
CT104 Construction Technology – 2 4
TE106 Fundamentals of Structure – 2 2
HS162 History and Theory of Architecture – 2 (Design through ages -an overview) 2
DW107 Drawing, Painting, Sketching – 2 3
DW104 Tech. Drawings and intro to computing – 2 3
Elective 2
Course Code Course Name Credit
DE209 Studio – 3 8
CT204 Construction Technology – 3 4
HS263 History and theory of architecture – 3 2
LC209 Architectural computing – 1 2
CF201 Study of Colors & Fabric 2
CW201 Craft workshop – 1 2
EN201 Environmental science – 1 2
Interdisciplinary Course 2
Course Code Course Name Credit
DE 210 Studio – 4 8
CT 205 Construction Technology – 4 4
TE 201 Furniture Design – 1 2
HS 264 History and Theory of Architecture – 4 2
LC 263 Architectural computing – 2 2
CW 202 Craft workshop – 2 2
EN 202 Environmental science – 2 2
Interdisciplinary Course 2
Course Code Course Name Credit
DE 305 Studio – 5 8
CT 304 Construction Technology – 5 4
TE307 Furniture Design – 2 2
HS 305 History and theory of architecture – 5 3
HS 306 Landscape and Environment 3
CW 301 Craft Workshop – 3 2
Interdisciplinary Course 2
Course Code Course Name Credit
DE 307 Studio – 6 8
TE308 Working drawings 4
TE 312 Furniture Design – 3 3
PP301 Professional Practice – 1 2
HS303 History and theory of Interior – 6 3
CW302 Craft Workshop – 4 2
Interdisciplinary Course 2
Course Code Course Name Credit
DE 406 Studio -7 12
TE 404 Furniture Design – 4 4
HS 403 Pre Thesis 3
CW401 Craft Workshop – 5 2
PS411 KHOJ 3
Course Code Course Name Credit
DE 407 Studio-8 Thesis 20
PP 501 Entrepreneurship 3
LC 403 Portfolio 1

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