BLAD-Landscape Architecture

The Bachelor course in Landscape Architectural Design (BLAD) is a full-time four year degree program. It deals with design and planning of Landscapes at various levels, from domestic to regional. and from natural to man-made environments. It deals not only with plants but addresses holistic understanding of natural elements as well as the cultural underpinnings that inform the field of design.

The discipline of Landscape is concerned with design of Physical environment, similar to courses like B.Arch. and B. Design. It offers opportunity to shape not only the manmade environment the but also the natural environment. It is complementary to the discipline of Architecture and shares several common concerns. Hence, there are multiple collaborative possibilities offered between the two courses in form of studios and other subjects.

The Bachelors degree programme in Landscape Architectural design offered at Navrachana University is the first of its kind in India. The programme intends to fill the gap in the rising profession of landscape architectural design with the professionals having practical knowledge and creative ability to design.

Seats & Eligibilty
Intake: 20 seats


Higher Secondary Examination or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks. Prospective applicants are required to appear for an Open test conducted by the University.

  • Deals with design and planning of Landscape spaces at various levels, from domestic, collective to regional.
  • Multi-disciplinary course- combines sciences, humanities and technology with creative approach to space and form .
  • Integration with Bachelor of Architecture program in form of foundation year and collaborative studios offered at various levels.
  • Graduates who are equipped with the practical knowledge.
  • Ready professionals to undertake projects on their own at the end of the program.
  • Greater employability of the professionals
  • First of its kind in India, offered only as Masters level course for architecture graduates elsewhere in India
  • According to the experts in the field, the bachelors program is more suitable to train landscape professionals

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Course Structure
Semester – I
Course Code Course Name Credits
DE 101 Studio-1 (Making of Space) 4
DE 102 Basic Design-1 4
TE 101 Construction Technology-1 4
TE103 Fundamentals of Structure-1 2
HS 161 History and Theory of Architecture-1 2
DW 101 Drawing, Painting, Sketching-1 3
DW 102 Solid Geometry + Tech. Dwgs.-1 3
Electives 2
9 Extra Mural 2
Semester – II
Course Code Course Name Credits
DE 103 Studio 2 (Design in Space) 4
DE 104 Basic Design-2 4
Construction Technology-2 4
TE 106 Fundamentals of Structure-2 2
HS 162 History and Theory of Architecture-2 2
DW 103 Drawing, Painting, Sketching-2 3
DW 104 Tech. Drawings and intro to computing-2 3
Electives 2
Semester – III
Sr.No. Course Name Credits
Landscape Studio 1 8
Earth science-1 2
EN 201 Environmental science-1 2
TE 207 Construction Technology – 3 4
Landscape history- 1 2
Drawing and representation- 1 2
Workshop-1 (Planting one-o-one) 2
Electives 2
Semester – IV
Course Code Course Name Credits
Studio 2 (Design in Space) 8
Planting Design-1 1
Earth science-2 2
Landscape Technology – 1 2
Landscape history- 2 2
History and Theory of Architecture-4 3
Drawing and representation- 2 2
Workshop- 2 2
Electives 2
Semester – V
Course Code Course Name Credits
Landscape Studio 3 8
Planting design 4
Earth Science-3 2
Landscape technology- 2 2
Landscape history- 3 2
Drawing and representation- 3 2
Workshop 3 (Soils) 2
Electives 2
Semester – VI
Course Code Course Name Credits
Landscape Studio 4 8
Earth Science-4 (Ecology and environment) 2
Environmental engineering 2
Landscape history- 4 2
Research Methods 2
Drawing and representation- 4 2
Workshop 4 2
Electives 2
Semester – VII
Course Code Course Name Credits
Landscape Studio 5 8
Earth Science-5 2
Landscape technology- 3 2
Theory of Landscape 2
Pre-thesis 2
Workshop- 5 2
Khoj 4
Semester – VIII
Course Code Course Name Credits
Design/ Research thesis 20
Portfolio 1
Entrepreneurship 3

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