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BSc-Data Science

AboutFeaturesAdmissionsScholarshipGalleryFacultyAbout Every facet of modern life from social networking to scientific research, finance to healthcare , produce an immense amount of data which needs to be analised and turned into intelligence for actionable insight. B.Sc Data Science is a unique Program designed to impart the essential skills to cater to the fastest growing trends in [...] Read More

B.Sc-M.Sc (Biomedical)

AboutHighlightsCourse StructureAdmissionsGalleryFacultyAbout Biomedical Science 21st century belongs to the Science of life. One shall witness tremendous growth in sectors like Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Data Management, Molecular Diagnostics, and Biomedical Industries. Master`s in Biomedical Science shall focus on cellular and molecular approaches by providing an understanding of basic concepts with holistic view to provide a broad [...] Read More


AboutFeaturesHighlightsAdmissionGalleryFacultyAbout The BSc+ Program places special emphasis on development of analytical skills, communication skills, entrepreneurship. The use of ICT tools is unique to the program. Choice-based electives from different Programs of the University offer opportunity to explore diverse interests in an interdisciplinary manner and enlarge the educational space. Social connect and know-your-community is achieved through a hands-on project KHOJ,wherein students [...] Read More

BA-Journalism & Mass Comm

AboutFeaturesAdmissionsGalleryFacultyAbout BA-Journalism & Mass Comm core purpose is to create an expression that has shared meaning among two or more people based on local and/or global narratives of particular time and space, using techniques of persuasion retaining its independence while concurrently engaging with the State and Society. The three-year course in Journalism and Mass communication [...] Read More


AboutFeaturesPedagogyAdmissionsScholarshipGalleryFacultyAbout It is a full-time, three year innovative undergraduate degree program designed to provide students, an intensive experience in field of management education. Students are taught basic concepts and theories of management which help in developing their managerial and decision making skills. In addition to the regular management courses the NUV-BBA program offers variety of [...] Read More


AboutFeaturesAdmissionsScholarshipGalleryFacultyAbout B.Tech Program in Navrachana University has five branches - Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering.  Engineering education and profession is a challenging and rewarding for young students who are talented and creative. It calls for developing expertise in designing technological systems to benefit the society. In addition, the [...] Read More


AboutFeaturesPedagogyAdmissionsGalleryFacultyAbout Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a 3-year program designed to meet changing requirements of the IT sector and to produce a dynamic breed of computer professionals with excellent managerial skills. This is a unique program focusing on hands-on experience with different technologies along with inter-disciplinary project “Khoj”. The BCA education is broad-based with [...] Read More


AboutFeaturesAdmissionsGalleryFacultyAbout The B.Design -Interior Program at Navrachana University is a full-time four year undergraduate program that offers a strong foundation in architecture while providing essential education necessary to succeed in Interior Design spaces, to offer architectural thinking to better understand building components, successfully develop and connect interior design components to Implementation, and succeed in multi-disciplinary [...] Read More


AboutAdmissionsHow to ApplyGalleryFacultyAbout Our Architecture program goes beyond just training students to fit into the professional slot. It introduces and develops the skills and knowledge necessary for contemporary architectural practice, which includes the following: Society and its historic context in different regions of India and beyond. International influences and the evolving value of our society. [...] Read More

BLAD-Landscape Architecture

AboutFeaturesAdmissionsGalleryFacultyAbout The Bachelor course in Landscape Architectural Design (BLAD) is a full-time four year degree program. It deals with design and planning of Landscapes at various levels, from domestic to regional. and from natural to man-made environments. It deals not only with plants but addresses holistic understanding of natural elements as well as the cultural underpinnings that inform the [...] Read More
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