Navrachana University partners with Cosara Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Navrachana University and Cosara Diagnostics launches University-Industry research partnerships.

Cosara Diagnostics Pvt Ltd has partnered with Navrachana University (Department of Biomedical and Life Sciences, School of Science) to initiate university-industry research partnerships. The goal is to enhance the educational experience, promote translation of fundamental research, and stimulate innovative thought processes. The initiative also seeks to address challenges in healthcare prevention, diagnostics, and policy through collaborative solutions.

Students participating in this program are selected by the lead principal investigator who is a Navrachana University faculty member and a co-investigator who holds a management position of Cosara Diagnostics Pvt Ltd. Each student builds out their research plan with the guidance and support of both university and industry partners. Cosara Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. supports the student through internship position at their laboratory and access to technology and scientific experts from their US joint venture partner Co-Diagnostics, Inc.

“This experience will equip students to be leaders in scientific discovery and innovation, and it will enable them to make positive changes in our healthcare systems,” says Dr. Rebecca Garcia, VP Product Development of Co-Diagnostics, Inc.

Funding for this partnership is provided by the industry partner, grants, and/or private funding; however, funding is largely dependent on the type of research selected and the length of the individual project.

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