InNUVate 2019

InNUVate 2019 is a two day national level technical festival organized by the School of Engineering and Technology. It is a synergy of tech events and non-tech events. The theme of InNUVate 2019 is ‘Defence forces’.

InNUVate 2019 is a two day festival which will be held on 13th & 14th April (Saturday & Sunday) at the NUV Campus, Vadodara. It will be inaugurated by the Honorable members from corporate world with other prestigious guest lecturers. InNUVate will have participation of over 1000 students from over 11 colleges across the state in various events during these two days.

InNUVate 2019 includes Non-technical events like box cricket league, football league, basket ball and table tennis events. Popular games like evening treasure hunt, FIFA19 and counter strike GO are part of non-technical section. It also includes many external startup workshops and much more. Technical section will cover events offered by Mechanical, electrical, civil , computer science and IT Program.

Register your names asap!!

For further details contact:
Shruja shah- 9638581766
Jahnavi Parmar- 9979856940
Div shah- 9408374569