International Virtual Conference on Interface between Law and Technology

International Virtual Conference on Interface between Law and Technology

About the Conference:
The advancement of technology has led to the shaping of the society as well as law across the time. Technology is now recognised as an enabler, necessary for growth and the way forward.  Whether it is the growing penetration of digital gadgets in our house or the advent of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data etc. New rules set the possibilities of employment of digital technologies in order to attain this or that goal which was reached through other technologies in the past. Due to the marvels in technology, we have achieved a social revolution where the definition of society and socially accepted behaviors have been completely overhauled.  These advancements, even though have made our lives easier have also led to a disruption amongst the regulatory framework over the world. The change in technologies influences also the source and the structure of the rules. Due to new technologies, we need older laws to address the various issues involved or the legislature to develop new laws. It has placed all of us in a spot to address and strike the correct balance between innovation, protection of consumers and resolving potential threats.

The present conference is an effort to study the innate relationship of law and technology. It undertakes to make a serious enquiry as to how the issues under ever-changing technology can be effectively addressed through law.  For this purpose, the conference contains a series of themes and subthemes dedicated towards understanding the interrelationship between law and technology under different categories and contexts.

Target Audience:
The conference is open to academicians, students, legal professionals and anyone interested in the subject.

Themes for the Virtual Conference:
The themes for the conference are as follows: –

  1. Constitutional Perspectives in Technology
  2. Jurisprudential Dimensions of Cyberspace
  3. Information Technology and Law: IT Act, Cyber Crime, Cyber Forensics
  4. Legal issues under Artificial Intelligence
  5. Biotechnology and Law
  6. IPR and Technology
  7. Impact of Technology on Legal Education & Profession
  8. Technology under Health Law
  9. Technological issues under Environment Law
  10. Technological perspectives of Media Law
  11. Commercial Law and Technology: E-Contracts, Cryptocurrency, E-commerce, Taxation, International Trade etc.

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