The Internship Program forms an integral and important component of education at Navrachana University. While students develop “industry connect” – a concept related to knowing about work through exposure to and interaction with industry experts, internship serves as a capstone experience that informs about and prepares them for the expectations of and how to succeed in the profession.

The value of internship is well-known in higher education:

  1. Internship bridges the gap between the academia and the corporate world to develop new opportunities of benefit both parties.
  2. It provides an opportunity for students to undergo the rigor of professional work in a real-life work environment, and through experience grounded in hard work and application of knowledge, learn about the requirements of professional work and make contribution to the organization providing internship opportunity.
  3. Internships help satisfy inquisitiveness about the corporate world and helps apply education to solve real-life problems.
  4. It offers an opportunity to acquire social skills through constant interaction with professionals within and outside organizations.
  5. Interns get introduced to a wide range of company functions and know the key functionaries necessary to gain insights into managing departments and achieving company goals.

There are many benefits to organizations providing internship opportunities;

  1. A source of highly motivated preprofessionals to meet the company needs year-round.
  2. New perspectives and insight to company problems and challenges.
  3. Increased visibility of the organization on campus, providing a recruiting edge and greater relationships with career services and faculty.
  4. Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects.
  5. More time for professional staff to pursue more creative and important projects.
  6. A flexible, cost-effective workforce that does not require a long-term employer commitment.
  7. A proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees.
  8. An enhanced image in the community as it contributes its expertise to the educational environment.
  9. Increased diversity of its employees.
  10. An ability to identify potential future hires, a pipeline for candidates.
  11. An opportunity for supervisory experience for developing employees.
  12. A glimpse into current trends and practices in higher education, a chance to work with a younger workforce capable of infusing new ideas and technologies, and an opportunity to train future workforce.

At NUV, students are expected to carry out two internships: i) with an NGO or the CSR department of a corporate providing them with “Social Connect” opportunity, and ii) with a corporate providing them with “Industry Connect” opportunity.

Besides exposure, internship also helps in job placement of the students – the organizations prefer students who have carried out internship with them.

Organizations interested in developing educational partnerships and/or developing internship opportunities with Navrachana University please contact Giri Sharma,Training & Placement Head

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