Management Fest 2019(14th and 15th March 2019)

Participants can take part in both the categories of events selecting anyone from each category.

(1) Treasure Hunt

  • First round will be conducted on 14thand final round for the qualifiers will be on 15th.
  • The team should strictly be inside the campus till the game doesn’t get over.
  • No help can be taken from people other than team. There can be maximum of 5 members in a team.
  • Registration Fees: Rs.100/team.

(2)Sell Your Product

  • Participants will be given a product/idea for which they have to make a PowerPoint presentation and pitch to sell their product to the panel.
    Only 3 members should form a group.
  • Maximum5 slides.
  • Time allowed for the presentation and pitching: 10 min per team.
    Registration Fees: Rs.50/team.

(3)Business/Academics Memes

  • Memes should be strictly related to business or your academics.
  • Memes containing any inappropriate content will be disqualified.
  • Registration Fees: Rs.50/Person(individual participation is allowed).MANAGEMENT FEST 201914thand 15thMarch 2019SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND LAW

(1) Business Quiz

  • Questions will be displayed on monitor and will be spoken by one volunteer.
  • There will be audio and video questions also.
    Registration Fees: Rs.50/team.


  • Participants will be presenting the ad which will be shot by them on any one of the given topics.
  • Each team will have to shoot the ad on the given topics only and time duration of each adv. would be for 30 seconds.
  • Judgment will be made on Quality and content of the advertisement.Any device can be used for shooting advertisement.
  • No. of members: min -2 and max –5.
  • Submission: Participants will have to submit their Ad. 30 min before the competition starts.
  • Registration Fees: Rs.50/team.

(3)Innovation Business Idea

  • Each team will submit hard copy of their business plan with a PowerPoint presentation on the day of event.
  • Participants will be given a 5-7 minutes for presentation which will be followed by Q&A round.
  • Breakeven Analysis should be explained.
  • No plagiarism will be entertained.
  • Winners will be decided on the basis of PPT presentation and copy of report submitted by them.
  • Registration fees: Rs.50/Person (individual participation is allowed).
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