Navrachana University launches Center for Environment Research and Innovation on its Foundation Day

Navrachana University, one of Gujarat’s leading private Universities, celebrated its Foundation Day on July 7th. Dr. Lalit Kanodia, Chairman, Datamatics Ltd. was the Chief Guest for the function. In his speech, Dr. Kanodia stressed that today’s economic growth is driven by knowledge and technology – both of which are derived from education. He said, “Economic growth and Education are directly connected. Measured by GDP, within one year, we will become the fifth largest economy in the world, overtaking France and the UK. However, the UK has approximately the same GDP as us, except with nearly one-twentieth of the population. Therefore our productivity levels are much lower than in several other countries. This is where education and the deployment of technology are needed. It is unfortunate that in India, nearly 30% of our population is illiterate, as compared to 9% in Sri Lanka and about 7% in Myanmar.” He added, “Vocational skill is another area where huge employment generation needs to happen. We need to emulate countries such as Germany, Japan, and the USA in this area. Vocational education is where India needs more focus. This is where the Industry must also help.”

Navrachana University also launched the Centre for Environment Research and Innovation (CERI). The announcement was made by Navrachana University Provost Dr. Nilay Yajnik during NUV’s 10th Foundation Day celebrations on Sunday in presence of Mr. Ravi Sitani, President and Chief Technical Officer, Aditya Birla Group, Chloro Alkali Division, Vadodara. He informed that the setting up of the CERI actually needed of the hour. “Academic institutions must create room for environmental studies and it should be in a highly interdisciplinary framework.   The NUV Centre for Environment Research and Innovation would be contributing to the better well-being of humankind by protecting their future in terms of sustainable development. Giving information about the Centre, Dr. Nilay Yajnik said, “There would be research meetings, discussion forums, collaborations, workshops, seminars, conferences, round tables, panel discussions, training programs, etc. conducted under the broad umbrella of this Centre. The main aim of this Centre will be to find innovative and sustainable solutions for the benefit of our Nation and the world. Students, Faculties and the public at large shall be benefitted immensely by the setting up of this Centre.”

Meanwhile, Navrachana Education Society Chairperson, Tejal Amin stated that Navrachana University would continue to focus on quality education. “In March 2009 we took up the challenge when we were asked by the Government of Gujarat if we would like to start a University in Vadodara with a 4-year B.Sc+B.Ed combined program specially targeted at rural-tribal students to address the shortage of quality Science teachers in schools. Since then the University has steadily added a number of more courses. With the 50-year old Navrachana brand of excellence in education backing us, there was never a dearth of students seeking admission despite many reputed universities offering several courses. And over the last decade, many of our graduates have been accepted by prestigious Masters and Doctoral programs in Universities in India and abroad. Others have found gainful employment, and some have ventured out as entrepreneurs. In addition to making sure our students have the required domain expertise, the University offers several co- and extra-curricular programs that strengthen the inter-personal, communication and personality-based skills of our students.”

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