Navrachana University Centre for Environment, Research and Innovation(NUCERI)

Navrachana University Centre for Environment, Research and Innovation

The world today is facing pertinent and persistent issues of a deteriorating environment and its everlasting effects on the health of mankind besides the effects on flora and fauna. Man is today at the interface of both changes in the internal environment (within the body) and the outside environment. The 21st century has brought with it challenges at the global level of environmental degradation and deterioration along with climate change, the consequence of increasing anthropogenic activities. It is time, therefore, to put our hands together for an innovative approach to safeguard environmental and human health. It is in this light that Navrachana University Vadodara has set up a Centre for Environment, Research and Innovation (NUCERI) that shall contribute to the better wellbeing of mankind by protecting their future in terms of sustainable environment and health. This centre shall serve as a unique platform in terms of providing opportunities to interdisciplinary interactions amongst different stakeholders of this important topic of concern. There shall be research meetings, discussion forums, collaborations, workshops, seminars, conferences, round tables, panel discussions, training programs etc. conducted under the broad umbrella of this centre. The main aim of this centre shall be to find innovative and sustainable solutions by doing research and scientific proceedings as well as to establish meaningful national and international collaborations.

  1. To identify key concerns of Environment and Health
  2. To collaborate with different Institutes/Universities/Industries at National and International level
  3. To provide opportunities to students and faculties of the University to showcase their Research and Innovation capabilities
  4. To promote research in these fields 
  5. To make people in general and scientific community in particular aware of the concerns by conducting workshops, seminars etc
  6. To bring in technology innovation
  7. To identify best management practices 
  8. To involve multidisciplinary inputs for problem solving involving all departments of the University
  9. To focus on social innovation  
  10. To work towards global level collaborations and recognitions
  •  National and International Collaborations 
  •  Panel Discussions 
  •  Round Tables 
  •  Conference/Seminars (International Conference on February 2020 and Conference proceeding in a reputed publisher ) 
  •  Research proposals for Funding 
  •  Awareness Programs/Activities 
  •  Workshops 
  •  Expert Lecture Series
  •  Research Forums
  •  Initiate New Programs: Certificate and Degree 
  •  Industry Tie-ups: Memorandum of Understanding 
  •  School Connect 
  •  Publishing Articles and Books etc. 
  •  Environment Auditing Centre 
  •  Competitions 
  •  Social media 
  •  Experimental Farm
  •  Biodiversity garden


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