NUV Philosophy


NUV integrates into its educational philosophy, the principles of excellence, professionalism, equity and Participatory Management. We propagate a culture of excellence through a continual process of introspection, questioning, self and mutual discovery. Navrachana University (NUV) is reinventing higher education through an interdisciplinary focus that unites disciplinary interests to create a rich and synergistic educational experience.

NUV Strives to

Innovative and inclusive learning pathways with an interdisciplinary approach towards seeking and generating knowledge, and in the process create sound professionals who can innovate by combining knowledge across disparate disciplines.

The means to both academicians and the students to transform education into the experience of learning. The education paradigm at nuv provokes every individual to take a step into the unknown, develop an inquiry in the mind and feel the urge to resolve.

T-Shape graduates and post graduates who have a breadth of knowledge though general and inter-disciplinary education, and a depth of knowledge though focused disciplinary education.

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