About Model United Nation
Model United Nations is an educational simulation of the United Nations in which students from around the globe gather to discuss complex global issues such as human rights, international security and sustainable development. This academic activity encourages the students to transcend interpersonal barriers, partake in healthy discussions and seek efficient solutions for tackling the world’s most pressing issues. A MUN conference derives its humanitarian principles from the United Nations and provides an exceptional platform for students to hone their negotiation and diplomacy skills. The perceptive atmosphere and the consistent exchange of bright ideas foster invaluable skills such as critical thinking and teamwork among students.

About MUN at NUV
In NUVMUN conference, students emulate the role of the UN representatives and form a committee. The United Nations committees that are recreated in NUVMUN include General Assemblies, crisis committees and specialised committees. Before the conference, a country, and occasionally, a political figure, is assigned to each student. Being a representative, they are allowed to formulate opinions, take a political stance and propose necessary policies. The council is formed by the following members:


NUVMUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

NUVMUN focuses on all round development of participants by conducting various training and grooming sessions along with giving them a platform to debate and discuss.

Committees and Agendas:
UNW-Rights of women in protracted crisis regions
AIPPM: Discussions on the bringing UCC into order
WHO: Effects and steps to prevent of the pandemic

We will be taking registrations through Website. It will have 3 stages:
1. Priority Registrations
2. Registration
3. Late Registrations [Allotment of Committee will be done on that basis]

Registration Fees – 200/- INR

Mode of Payment – Online

• Virtual Training Session
• Virtual Grooming Session
• E – Certificate
• Study Material
• Committee Sessions
• Access to Inaugural and closing ceremony

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