PHD Scholars

SR.No. Department Name Of Supervisor Name of Ph.D Scholar; Aadhar numbers/Photo ID Registration Number Date of Registration Funding Agency Of Fellowship Research Topic Likely Date Of Completion Of Ph.D.
1 Education Prof.H.C Pradhan,Dr. Mandira Sikdar Ms. Anshula Deshpande 11721001 9/12/2013 No Development of technology based learning module in dental curriculum at Bachelors Level Within 6/7 years from date of admission
2 Education Prof. TKS Lakshmi, Dr. Vandana Talegaonkar Ms. Kripali Surendrasinh Jadeja 11721002 3/8/2016 No Understanding the nature of participation of learners in elementary in municipal schools of Surendranagar
3 Education Prof. H.C Pradhan, Dr. Elizabeth Robin Mr. Neeraj C. Deshpande 11721003 9/12/2013 No Evaluation of Continuing Professional Development for the Dental Surgeons of Gujarat
4 Education Dr. Thomas Vadaya, Dr. Archana Tomar Ms. Reshma Achary 11721004 9/13/2013 No Development and implementation of an Instructional design based on constructivist approach to Teach physics at diploma Engineering level SUBMI TTED
5 Education Dr. Vandana Talegaonkar Ms. Poonam Singh 12721001 3/8/2016 No Understanding beneficiaries and their participation in schools under RTE ACT,2009 in Vadodara city
6 Education Dr. Mandira Sikdar Ms. Susmita Bibhas Kumar Basu 12721002 5/01/2016 No A study of he effectiveness of constructivist approach in the teaching of Social Science at the secondary school level
7 Education Dr. Mandira Sikdar Ms. Sangeeta Pramanik 14721003 19/03/2017 No Developing Implementing and Assessing an Instructional Package for Higher Order Thinking Skils in Mathematics
8 Education Dr. P.V.Xavier Ms. Vaibhavi Vijay Gawarika 14721004 11/03/2017 No Developing Implementing and Assessing an intervention program based on Paulian Approach to critical thinking for student teachers of Vadodara.
9 Chemistry Dr. Sandeep Patil Ms. Shehnaz Habib Solanki 15721009 10/08/2016 No Noionic Surfactant/Ionic Liquid/Water Microemulsions: Phase Behavior, Microstructure and Solubilization
10 Management Dr. Nilay Yajnik Mr. Bibhas Kumar Basu 15721003 18/03/2017 No Managing Risks for Sustained Business Success Of EPC Organizations in the Indian Thermal Power Sector
11 Management Dr. Hitesh Bhatia Mr. Amit Shukla 15721001 27/05/2017 No To explore practice of planning & operation in the context of supply chain management in engineering to order manufacturing electrical equipment sector
12 Management Dr. Hitesh Bhatia Ms. Nikita Vinodchandra Rangoonwala 15721004 22/8/2017 No A study of willful default among Public Limited Companies in India
13 Management Dr. Hitesh Bhatia Ms. Neha Ganesh Das Taneja 15721005 12/6/2017 No Influence of Enterpreneurship Education on the Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy and Intention of the participants
14 Mathematics Dr.Lipika Majumdar Ms. Radhamadhavi Duggaraju 15721006 16/08/2017 No An Algebraic Study Of Generalized Splines on Graphs over Commutative Rings with Identity
15 Physics Dr.Pallavi Ghalsasi Ms. Archana Paritosh Shah 15721007 29/08/2017 No Optical and Spectroscopic Studies Of Chiral Materials
16 Physics Dr. Pallavi Ghalsasi Ms. Aashna Sharadkumar Jain 15721008 29/08/2017 No Investigation of Negative Thermal Expansion Materials
17 Chemistry Mr. Bharat Arjun Nirmal 16721006 26/08/2017 No A study on Green Methodologies in Organic Synthesis
18 Engineering Dr. Amarish Badgujar Mr. Viren Ketanbhai Parikh 16721008 23/09/2017 No Investigation on Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Matrix Composites
19 Engineering Dr. Amarish Badgujar Ms. Dipali Pranavkumar Pandya 16721009 23/09/2017 No Performance enhancement in Austenitic stainless stell by activated TIG welding process
20 Chemistry Mr. Jateen Dilipkumar Sheth 16721010 17/08/2017 No Development and Validation of Analytical Methods for Estimation of Impurities in Pharmaceuticals
21 Chemistry Mr. Santosh Rangrao Patil 16721011 16/08/2017 No Analytical method development and validation of drug substances
22 Education Dr. Mandira Sikdar Mr. Vishwajeet Yadav 13721001 07/08/2018 No A study of in-service training programs conducted by district institute of education and training(Diet)in Gujarat
23 Education Dr. Archana Tomar Ms. Arshvir Kaur Ranjit Grewal 16721001 20/01/2018 No Effectiveness of Project Based Learning(PBL)for Undergraduate- Bachelor’s Civil Engineering Education
24 Education Dr. Archana Tomar Ms. Kavita Vinod Dixit 15721014 27/10/2018 No A study of the Effectiveness of Strategy to Integrate life skills in Social Science for Standard IX GHSEB Students
25 Management Dr. Archana Tomar Ms. Nabila Inayathusein Qureshi 16721005 30/01/2019 No Role of Stakeholders on Education of Muslim Girls
26 Education Dr. Archana Tomar Ms. Renu Kumari 15721013 18/02/2019 No A study on the Qualtiy of Work Life of Teachers in Private Primary Schools
SR.No. Department Name Of Supervisor Name of Ph.D Scholar; Aadhar numbers/Photo ID Registration Number Date of Registration Funding Agency Of Fellowship Research Topic Likely Date Of Completion Of Ph.D.
1 Engineering Dr. Amarish Badgujar Mr. Adil Aman Khan 15721010 No
2 Education Dr. Rishi Raj Balwariya Mr. Kush Kulshreshtha 16721002 No
3 Management To be allotted Mr. Rushit Prabodhkumar Dubal 16721003 No
4 Management To be allotted Ms. Mansi Ketansinh Gohil 16721004 No
5 Management Dr.Nilay Yajnik Mr. Saurabh Prafull Parikh 17721006 No
6 Engineering Dr. Amarish Badgujar Mr. Shivaji Mahadeo Shelar 17721001 No
7 Chemistry Dr. Sandeep Patil Mr. Suhaskumar Mafatlal Patel 17721004 No
8 Chemistry Dr.Darshee Baxi Mr.Khushali Vijaykumar Upadhyay 17721002 No
9 Education To be allotted Mr VijaySinh Balvantsinh Chauhan 18721001 No
10 Engineering To be allotted Mr Yogesh Ramesh Chaudhari 18721005 No
11 Management To be allotted Mr.Aparna Shah Singhal 18721002 No
12 Management To be allotted Ms.Ashwini Shriniwas Joshi 18721003 No
13 Management To be allotted Mr.Kajal Kumar Dutta 18721004 No
14 Chemistry To be allotted Mr.Suvashis Dipak Sarkar 18721006 No
15 Mathematics To be allotted Ms. Rozaline Gajendra Maharana 18721007 No
16 Physics Dr. Pallavi Ghalsasi Mr. Jaimin Umesh Trivedi 18731008 DST SERB
17 Computer Science To be allotted Dhavalkumar M Mehta 18721009 No
18 IT To be allotted Aakash Anilkumar Gupta 19721001
19 Management-Education To be allotted Anish Alerk  Patel 19721002
20 Life Science To be allotted Ashish  I Kapoor 19721003
21 Life Science To be allotted Foram Kamleshkumar Patel 19721004
22 IT To be allotted Gauravkumarsingh Devendrasingh Gaharwar 19721005
23 Education To be allotted Hemlattaben Durgaprasad Rajput 19721006
24 IT To be allotted Kishori Sudhir Shekokar 19721007
25 IT To be allotted Priya  Jeejo Payyappilly 19721008