Prof Vibhakar Kotak

Prof Vibhakar Kotak

Visiting Faculty for Neuroscience



I have a broad background in biomedical sciences, training and expertise in Neurobiology with specific skills in cellular, pharmacological, developmental and auditory neurobiology issues associated with this project. My current research includes work on synapticproperties and plasticity in key auditory as well as non-auditory regions believed to be involved in auditory and mnemonic memory. As PI on several university- and NIH-funded grants in the past, I laid the groundwork for the proposed research by developing electrophysiological and pharmacological assays to examine the effects of behavioral training and hearing loss on synapse functions and plasticity, the focus of this proposal. Previously, I have published new findings on the effects of different forms of hearing loss, severe to mild, on biophysical, excitatory synaptic and inhibitory synaptic properties in the auditory brainstem and cortex, and auditory training on synaptic currents in the auditory cortex.In addition, I successfully co-administered the projects (e.g. staffing, research protections, budget), collaborated with other researchers in our department and outside, and produced several peer-reviewed publications from each of these projects.

1993-present : Research Professor, Center for Neural Science, New York University, NY 10003
1984-86, & 1988, 1986-1987,1989 : Research Associate, Dept.Biological Science, Rutgers University, NJ
1989-1998 : Visiting Faculty (Cellular Neurobiology); University of Pennsylvania, Pa
1986-1988 : Associate Professor, Department of Biosciences, SP University, India
1974-1979 : Ph.D candidates, Dept. Zoology, MSU, Baroda, India

1984-1986: Busch memorial Fellow, Neurobiology, Rutgers University, NJ
1987-1986: NIH Fellow, Neurobiology, Rutgers University, NJ
1984-1988: PI, Neuroendocrinology, University Grants Commission, New Delhi, India
2005-2010 : PI, Homeostasis of synaptic plasticity in Auditory Cortex following Hearing Loss
2011-2016 : PI, Rescue of Inhibitory synaptic function following Hearing Loss
1984-1988 : PI,Hormonal control of Reproductive cycles, University Grants Commission, New Delhi

Research Areas and Contribution

American Association for the Advancement of Science,Association for Research in Otolaryngology,Society for Neuroscience.

Some Recent Papers

  • Kotak VC, Mirallave A, Mowery TM, Sanes DH (2017) GABAergic inhibition gates excitatory LTP in perirhinal cortex.Hippocampus. Accepted, In press
  •  Mowery TM, Penikis KB, Young SK, Ferrer CE, Kotak VC, Sanes DH (2017) The Sensory Striatum Is Permanently altered by transient developmental hearing loss.Cell Reports 19: 2462–2468
  •  Mowery, Todd & Kotak, Vibhakar & H. Sanes, Dan. (2016). The onset of visual experience gates auditory cortex critical periods. Nature Communications. 7. 10416. 10.1038/ncomms10416.
  •  Dimidschstein J, G, Fishell G et al.(2017) A viral strategy for targeting and manipulating interneurons across vertebrate species.Nature Neurosci. 20:1033.
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Reviewer: J Neurophysiology, PLOS Biology, PLOS ONE, J Physiology, Frontiers in Neural Circuits, J Neurobiology, Hearing Research