Refund Policy

Navrachana University Refund Policy:

Refund will be processed by Navrachana University based on Notification issued by UGC which is available here: (

Applicant are requested to carefully go through following aspects pertaining to cancellation of admission.

1. Last Date of Admission : 7th August 2020 (For Non-regulated Under Graduate Programs) and 31st August 2020 (For Non-regulated Post Graduate Programs).  All the calculation of refund amount based on 4.1.3 of UGC Notification will be calculated on the basis of this last date of admission.

2. Notwithstanding with this refund policy are B.Tech., B.Arch., M.Tech and MBA Program where, refund policy laid down by Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC) or AICTE will be applicable.

3. Deduction of 5% of the paid fees will be applicable to the applicant as per clause no. 4.1.4 of the UGC Notification.

4. To avail the refund candidate must cancel the admission by filling up Cancellation of Admission Form. Intimation of cancellation on Phone or through email will not be considered as cancellation of admission. Date of cancellation of admission will be considered on the date on which applicant is formally applying for cancellation.

5. Cancellation of admission will be entertained only during working days of University.