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About SEDA

The School of Environmental Design and Architecture (SEDA) is at the cutting-edge of ingenuity and it provides a dynamic and challenging environment for students to study architecture and design and fosters creativity, critical thinking, intellectual development, ability to respond to our natural environment and cater to spatial needs and aspirations of individuals and the society. The School has been established to offer broad-based Design Programs in Architecture and Interior Design with focused education to meet the challenges of the design profession. The following degree programs are offered by SEDA:

  • Bachelor’s Program in Architecture (B.Arch.)
  • Bachelor’s Program in Design – Interior Design (B.Design-Interior)
  • Bachelor’s Program in Design – Landscape Design (B.Design-Landscape)

Salient Features:

  • The school follows PBL (Problem Based Learning) approach where emphasis is given to the thought processes rather than the final output.
  • In the first three years, students are introduced to diverse ways of design thinking; followed by the freedom to purse a specialized area in design, with expert guidance provided by the University. The School offers multidisciplinary education involving Science, Engineering, Technology, Humanities, Economics, Craft and Design.
  • The Schools involves the community in design projects and encourages students to have a dialog on issues confronting the community which then get addressed through various design approaches.
  • The Design Studio connects to five sets of “Body of Knowledge”, and they include Tectonics, Communication, History and Theory of Architecture, Practice of Architecture and Environmental Sciences.
  • Studios remain open beyond the regular class hours to encourage participation and promote synergy and group dynamics required to foster a shared learning process.
  • Studios are supported by well-equipped workshops where models and prototypes in various materials are made and tested with assistance from technical experts. ‘Hands-on’ approach is emphasized.
  • The School is equipped with wood, sculpture and ceramic workshops, and has a well-equipped computer lab with high-speed internet facility and access to online high-end software.
  • Each year Study tours are organized to conduct Relative study program for development of skills like sketching, photography, documentation, hands-on knowledge of construction techniques.


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SEDA Common Entrance Exam Date: 5th July 2021

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Design

SEDA, Navrachna University has signed an MOU with Architecture and Landscape Faculty at North Dakota State University, (NDSU) USA. Presently we have started the partnership by organizing join panel discussions, seminars and juries. We are planning to run join summer and winter courses and will starting students exchange program very soon. We are also in talks with NDSU to allow our students to migrate from NUV to NDSU in their last two years in order to finish their degree in USA

What is the future of Design as a profession in our country?

With rapid urbanization and development in India, the need for professionals such as Architects, Interior Designers, and Landscape Designers is only bound to grow. There is a dire need for well-trained professionals in this area

Does Architecture, Design and Landscape degree from SEDA makes me super-specialized or are they good base degrees?

The programs at SEDA are tailored to be versatile base degrees, which can be used to launch one’s career in a variety of specialization if needed. They do not fix a student into a bracket but rather allow them to maneuver in allied disciplines as well

What kind of unique facilities does SEDA have?

We have amongst the most advance workshops in the country that include laser cutting, precision equipments etc that are heart of a Design teaching. Students learn by working on these state of the art equipments.

Does SEDA have experienced Faculty members?

Presently SEDA faulty members lecture all over the world. They have won International awards and honours and are recognized and known for their teaching and research. They write books, are very passionate about teaching, research and many of them also practice in the field. Hence they combine the best of professional and academic knowledge

Does SEDA has any International Partnerships?

SEDA is presently working very closely with North Dakota State University, U.S.A to start student and faculty exchange apart from joint degrees. There is a possibility that student after finishing three years at SEDA move to North Dakota State University to finish their Bachelor’s degree in their college

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