School Of Science


The Programs offered under the School of Science are
BSc (Specializations – Chemistry, Life Sciences)
BMS (Specializations – Molecular medicine, Drug Discovery and design, Reproductive biomedicine, Human Genetics.
MSc-Life Science (Specializations – Plant Sciences; Animal Science; Biochemistry; Cellular and Molecular Biology)
MSc – Chemistry (Specializations – Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry)


Highlights (Programs offered under the School of Science)

  • Focused disciplinary education
  • Interdisciplinary choice of courses
  • Wide range of Science electives
  • Independent Study courses for areas of special interest as also to earn additional credits
  • Participation in Workshops/Seminars/Conferences for knowledge enrichment
  • Industry linkage ; Focus on Research and entrepreneurship
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure creating an environment conducive for learning and research.
  • Internship and Placement assistance.

The School of Science has highly qualified and experienced Faculty. It also facilitates research leading to Doctoral Degree – PhD.

  • School of Science is headed by Mentor and Professor Emeritus, Prof A V Ramachandran who has a rich experience of more than 40 years as Former Dean, Faculty of Science MSU and Former Head, Dept. of Zoology MSU. He has been associated with the School of Science since the establishment of this University in 2009. Under his able mentorship there are currently 28 full time faculties with most of the faculties PhDs, Post Docs and with an experience range from 5 to 18 years.
  • Highly qualified faculties, having a vast experience of research and academics, industry and Doctor experts who shall constantly prepare students for their specialized roles in different sectors of industry and research organizations.
  • Faculties have a funding from prestigious Central funding bodies like Department of Science and Technology, DST India, DAE DRDO etc. worth 2 crores.
  • Prof. Vibhakar kotak from New York University is an adjust faculty for Neuroscience.
  • Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences had been officially recognised by Gujarat State Biotechnological Mission (GSBTM), Gandhinagar as the post Graduate Capacity Building Centre for the entire South Gujarat (PG CBC). It will be training students in Biotechnology and Biology for research fellowship exams.
  • There is a dedicated Placement cell who ensures that students get good placements.
  • Academic board of the Department has members from Sun Pharma, JDM Scientific, Medical professionals etc.
  • NUCERI, Navrachana University Centre for Environmental Research and Innovation has been established in 2019 to take up research initiatives in the field of environment.
  • Two International Conferences have been successfully organised recently, with participation from almost 5 to 7 different countries and more than 200 research papers.
    We have International/National Collaborations with:
  1. University of Calgary, Canada
  2. University of Naples, Italy
  3. Michigan State University, USA
  4. New York University, USA
  5. Monash University, Australia
  6. DBT Centre for bioinformatics, Holy Cross College, Trichy
  7. Department of Endocrinology, University of Madras
  8. Centre for Molecular Medicine, JNU
  9. CoSara Diagnostics, USA-Vadodara


As part of extended ICRED 2019, we have organized Brief advanced instrumentation session for B.Sc. (Life Science/Biochem/Botany/Zoology)/BMS/M.Sc. LS to learn “Advance Techniques in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology” by Dr. Niraj Joshi, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Biology at Michigan State University.




Expert lecture on “Is Male Dominance a Myth?” and “Is there a role of androgens in Thyroid Cancer?” in July, 2019, by Prof. Michael Aruldhas, Former Director, Post Graduate Institute for Basic Medical Sciences and Former Head, Department of Endocrinology, University of Madras, Chennai.





Expert lecture on “Applications of Bioinformatics: Research Perspective” in September, 2019, by Dr. M. Rajlakshmi, Coordinator, DBT Centre for Bioinformatics, Holy Cross College, Trichy.






Start-up in Bio-tech, Life sciences and Bio-pharma with live examples” in September, 2019, by Dr. C. N. Ramchand is the President and CEO of Saksin Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, San Francisco and MagGenome Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Cochin, Kerala.




Expert lecture on “Magnetic fluids and their composites” by Dr. Peter Kopcansky and “Hypothermia in magnetic fluids as a tool for biomedical applications” by Dr. Milan Timko, Institute of Experimental Physics Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic, and on “Condensed Matter Research at rank Laboratory of Neutron Physics” by Dr. Norbert Kucerka, Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia, in September, 2019.




A three-day workshop-cum-Symposium on “Brainstorming Breakthroughs and Challenges in Neuroscience” in January, 2020, by Prof. Vibhakar Kotak, Neuroscientist, New York University, USA.


Division of Biomedical and Lifesciences at School of Science, Navrachana University, is recognized as the official center as “Post Graduate Capacity Building Cell (PG CBC) for Biotechnology” representing Southern Gujarat. This Centre will now serve to facilitate post graduate students in Biotechnology and allied disciplines for preparation of CSIR NET and other National level competitive examinations for Research Scholarships through the capacity building support provided by Navrachana University as supported and recognised by GSBTM.



Expert lecture by Rebecca, Vice-President of Product Development for Co-Diagnostics, Inc. She is the leader for product design and development at Codiagnostics, Inc which designs DNA based tests. She has an extensive experience developing and translating molecular diagnostic assays for clinical application.






Student Internship at Cambridge University.


Master of Science - Chemistry

M.Sc. Life Science

Bachelor of Science


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