Webinars@Navrachana University

Webinars @ Navrachana University, Vadodara

Here is the list of webinars scheduled by Navrachana University :

# Webinar Topic Speaker Duration Date Coordinator
1 Random Reflection on Education from and Educator Dr. Harkant Mankad 1 Hour Coming Soon Dr. Nilay Yajnik
2 Strategies Used by Various Corporate Giants Admist COVID19 Dr. Anupama Dave 1 Hour Jul-03-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
3 Innovation and Business Practices to Fight Covid-19 Ms. Neha Taneja 1 Hour Jun-26-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
4 Virtual Communication in the age of Social Distancing Ms. Manisha Banani 1 Hour Jun-19-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
5 Top HR Priorities in Pandemic Ms. Dharti Parikha 1 Hour Jun-19-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
6 Machine Learning and Logistic Regression Dr Umme Salma M. Pirzada 1 Hour May-30-2020 Dr Umme Salma M. Pirzada
7 Happenings in the Indian Equity Market Mr. Pinakin Jaiswal 1 Hour May-29-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
8 Supply Chain Disruption Dr. Pradeep Behera 1 Hour May-28-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
9 Supply Chain Analytics Mr. Firdos Solanki 1 Hour May-22-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
10 The Role of Social Media in Pandemic Times Mr. Rushit Dubal 1 Hour May-21-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
11 Evolution of Artificial Intelligence Field Mr. Dhaval Mehta 1 Hour May-20-2020 Mr. Dhaval Mehta
12 Ethical Hacking Ms. Saritha K 1 Hour May-19-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
13 Cryptography Ms. Saritha K 1 Hour May-18-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
14 Operation of Switched Reluctance Motor Mr. Niraj Patel 1 Hour May-16-2020 Ms. Prakruti Shah
15 Fuzzy Logic in Artificial Intelligence Dr Umme Salma M. Pirzada 1 Hour May-16-2020 Dr Umme Salma M. Pirzada
16 Neuromarketing & Consumer Neuroscience Dr. Amol Ranadive 1 Hour May-15-2020 (11:00 AM) Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
17 Industry 4.0 Mr. Firdos Solanki 1 Hour May-14-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
18 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Mr. Bassar Ahemad Patel 1 Hour May-13-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
19 Story Telling   Techniques Mr Bhargav  P 3 Hours May-12-2020 Dr. Robi
20 Cyber Security Mr. Jay Mehta 1 Hour May-11-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
21 Introduction to Computer Hardware Ms. Gayatri Chavhan 1 Hour May-09-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
22 Investment Strategies During Pandemic Ms. Nikita Mehta 1 Hour May-08-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
23 Impact of Covid19 on Supply Chain Mr. Firdos Solanki 1 Hour May-08-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
24 Basics of Machine Learning Mr. Dhaval Mehta /   Dr. Akil Surti 1 Hour May-07-2020 Mr. Dhaval Mehta
25 Cloud Computing Ms. Gayatri Chavhan 1 Hour May-06-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
26 Podcasting Mrs. Akhila  CK /       Mr Bhargav 3 Hours May-05-2020 Dr. Robi
27 Python Programming Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari 1 Hour May-04-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
28 Legal Aid Admidst Covid-19 Ms. Stella Joice 1 Hour May-03-2020 (11:00 AM) Ms. Stella Joice
29 Overview of Important Amendments to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 Dr. Sujatha Patil 1 Hour May-02-2020 (11:00 AM) Dr. Sujatha Patil
30 Computer Networks Mr. Jay Mehta 1 Hour May-02-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
31 Impact of COVID19 on Indian Economy Dr. Hitesh Bhatia 1 Hour May-01-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
32 Introduction to Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Mr. Dhaval Mehta /   Dr. Jigna Prajapati 1 Hour Apr-30-2020 Mr. Dhaval Mehta
33 Internet of Things (IoT) Mr. Bassar Ahemad Patel 1 Hour Apr-29-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
34  Digital  Photography Mr.Hitarth Pandya / Mrs. Akhila  CK 3 Hours Apr-28-2020 Dr. Robi
35 Computation Fluid Dynamics: Present and Future Dr. Kedar Pathak /    Dr. Amarish Badgujar 1 Hour Apr-28-2020 Dr. Amarish Badgujar
36 Data Science Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari 1 Hour Apr-27-2020 Mr. Yogesh Chaudhari
37 Careers in IP for Lawyers and Non-lawyers Dr. Anandiya Sircar 1 Hour Apr-26-2020 (11:00 AM) Dr. Sujatha Patil
38 Discover Forensics for Justice Delivery System Prof. Heena Goswami 1 Hour Apr-25-2020 (11:00 AM) Dr. Sujatha Patil
39 Global Constitutionalism and India Mr. Navin Sinha 1 Hour Apr-24-2020 (05:00 PM) Mr. Navin Sinha
40 BBA – Pedagogy, Electives, Internships and Careers Dr. Hitesh Bhatia 1 Hour Apr-24-2020 Dr. Hitesh Bhatia
41 Arbitration and Conciliation as a Career Prospect Adv.  Sharvil Majmudar 1 Hour Apr-23-2020 (05:00 PM) Mr. Navin Sinha
42 Advertising and Gender Ms. Valeria Lauricella 1 Hour Apr-22-2020 (12:30 PM) Dr. Robi
43 Explore Harvard Ascend & EBSCO resources Mr.GK Upadhyaya 1 Hour Apr-22-2020 (03:30 PM) Dr.Meghna Vyas
44 Introduction to Autonomous Vehicle Technology Mr. Priyal Sheth 1 Hour Apr-21-2020 (06:00 PM) Dr. Amarish Badgujar
45 E Filing & Conference in Gujarat High Court  Mr. Aaditya Bhatt 1 Hour Apr-18-2020 (05:00 PM) Ms. Heeranmayee Chandrani

➤ If you or your team members / friends are interested in these webinars, do write us a mail at dineshbp@nuv.ac.in. We will send you the link to join these webinars.

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