Zero Tolerance Regulations

With immediate effect, Navrachana University implements the following regulations called “Zero Tolerance Regulations” and accordingly the university administration reserves the right to dismiss/suspend/terminate/fine (at its discretion), students, faculty and staff for the following wrongdoings/misdemeanors/indiscipline:

  1. Involvement in bullying and ragging and sexual harassment.
  2. Possession, consumption or distribution of illegal substances – like drugs and alcohol
  3. Possession, use, or distribution of firearms
  4. Possession, use or distribution of tobacco, narcotic drugs or chemical substances
  5. Consumption, possession or distribution of “pan masala”
  6. Custodian of tools that can injure others like sticks, knives.
  7. Use of materials that can injure people or damage university property – like fire crackers and Holi colors
  8. Engage in unacceptable practices like but not limited to university property damage, lab and classroom equipment damage, sexual behavior etc.
  9. Regular late-coming to classes
  10. Use of phone or other electronic equipment/s during a lecture/demonstration
  11. Staying away from important events organized by the University/School/Program
  12. Indiscipline in class
  13. Use of vulgar or objectionable language
  14. Disrespect to teachers/staff/colleagues
  15. Engaging in violence or displaying violent behavior
  16. Spitting on walls
  17. Copying or seeking help in examination hall
  18. Stealing or committing theft from anywhere


  1. These terms and conditions supersede all terms that were in practice before.
  2. Heading is for ease of reading only and do not correspond to the conditions laid out above.
  3. Any waiver is effective only if given in writing by the Provost or Registrar.
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