Purpose of the Conclave

Education forms a strong base for every individual and steers their lives personally and professionally. Higher education, in particular, is imperative for the growth of the nation as it deals with individuals who will soon constitute the knowledge-based society of the twenty-first century. With the education sector expanding in size and diversity, specifically in terms of curriculum, management, and geographic coverage, the functioning dynamics of higher education institutions also witness a change. To address this topic, Navrachana University is the first private university to organize the first-ever national conclave that will provide a forum to have fruitful conversations about the opportunity and challenges of the higher education sector across the nation.

The Conclave on Changing Landscape of University Governance brings together academic leaders, scholars, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders to critically examine, discuss, and reflect on the evolving patterns and challenges in university governance. An excellent opportunity to acquire new skills and network with higher education professionals, it also aims to address various issues and facilitate a constructive dialogue on best practices in this domain. When minds of a diverse range of stakeholders meet, right from the university leadership personnel to the higher education government officials, administrative staff members, and independent counsellors, the conclave will serve as a platform to promote greater transparency, accountability, and participation in the decision-making process. It will provide both the new and seasoned higher education administrators with cutting-edge strategies, trends, and best practices for efficiently managing employees as well as resources.

An opportunity to listen from leading experts in the field, participate in interactive workshops, and engage in a lively panel discussion on key issues relating to the topic – the purpose of the conclave is to delegate and discuss the current university governance practices and their dynamic nature. Our goal is to generate actionable recommendations that can prove to be practical solutions to transform the way our universities are governed and ensure that universities can continue to be engines of innovation, creativity, and social progress!

Key Thematic Areas:
Admission & Outreach
Career Development
HR Practices
Digital Innovation
Reimagining Library
Mental health & Wellbeing

   Objectives for the Conclave

The Conclave is an attempt to consciously discuss the emerging opportunities and address the existing as well as probable challenges of University Governance

To identify effective solutions to streamline administrative processes

To provide a platform for stakeholders, administrators, counsellors, and policymakers, facilitating discussions and conscious analysis of the present university governance system in India

To foster collaboration and networking opportunities among participants from both public and private universities

To promote the cross-pollination of ideas and experiences

To deliberate on the best practices, opportunities, and challenges faced thereby enhancing the quality of university governance in India

To explore innovative approaches and strategies that can be implemented to improve university governance by reflecting upon the discussions of the conference

To discuss the role of technology, career development, library resources, human resource policies, mental well-being, and admissions and outreach in enhancing university governance

To generate actionable recommendations and suggestions for policymakers and regulatory bodies to promote effective and efficient university governance in India

   Thematic Areas