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Minor Disciplines



Navrachana University now offers possibility for our students to pursue a Minor discipline apart from their major degree program.  A total of seven Minor disciplines are available from various Schools that may be chosen by students.

A student can choose any Minor discipline of her or his liking. For example, a student of BBA can choose a Minor in “Interior Design” or a student of BSc Chemistry can choose a Minor in “Computer Science “and so on. Towards the end of the academics program, the student will be given a separate Certificate for the Minor Discipline along with the main Program Degree.


To attain a Minor the students will need to do 18 credit worth of courses from the pool of designated courses. These 18 credits can be carved from the elective credits bank of the students. Many electives that will be offered in all the semesters will be designated to be considered for a particular “Minor” Minor disciplines truly offer a possibility to diversify your interests and gain a professional edge. Few universities in the country offer this possibility for its students.

General Management

A minor in general management will help the student understand management’s functions and its application in the real world. The minor degree will be covering aspects related to marketing, human resources, and finance in general. This will be in addition to some technical courses on production, supply chain, and operations management.


  • Learning Objectives

The student on completion of a minor degree in management will be able to understand the application of principles of management related to planning, organizing, and optimization of resources. The student will also be able to enhance his/her professional efficiency during their career ahead.

Business Law

Business Law also known as Mercantile Law or Trade Law, is a branch of Law that deals with laws pertaining to trade, industry and commerce. Some of the common legal issues that are regulated or resolved through Commercial Law include contract violation, advertising and marketing disputes, unfair competition, consumer complaints and protection of intellectual property.


  • Learning Objectives

To gain knowledge of the branches of law which relate to business transactions, certain corporate bodies and related matters. Also to understand the applications of these laws to practical commercial situations.

Interior Design

A minor in Interior Design provides fundamentals of the discipline and its applications. It gives an introduction to various aspects of Design such as its History, construction practices and relevance. The Minor on Interior design will also give a hands-on experience of the process of drawing, model making and some basics of design.


  • Learning Objectives

A student will develop a better understanding of the world of Design in general and Interior Design in particular. They will be able to understand the vocabulary of design profession and will be able to appreciate and partly indulge themselves in the process of creation of drawing, model making and designing.

Health Science

A minor in health science encompasses courses from multiple academic disciplines that relate to the application of science to health, viz. fundamental aspects of anatomy and physiology, nutrition, medicine, alternative medicines, civic health, general hygiene, sanitation, environmental health, disease biology etc. The minor in the field of health science will enable the students to contribute towards improvement in quality of wellness in the community.


  • Learning Objectives

Student will be able to Comprehend basic concepts and mechanisms related to physiological systems and its correlation to the anatomical structures. They will be acquainted with understanding of human diseases and its causative factors. They will Gain insights into nutritional care, and treatment of various diseases. Students will understand fundamentals of public health issues and epidemiology


Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that offers the skill sets needed in the industry. At the intersection of mechanics and electronics, mechatronics helps to create simpler and smarter systems. Examples of mechatronic systems are robots, digitally controlled engines, machines with self-adaptive tools, automated guided vehicles, etc. It is used in manufacturing, health care, space exploration, and in tools that make our lives easier on a day-to-day basis.


  • Learning Objectives

Minor in Mechatonics will provide Introductory knowledge of sensors, automation systems and robotics. The students will learn how to select appropriate sensors, actuators and control systems for various applications.

Computer Science & Engineering

The Computer Science & Engineering minor is designed to provide basic proficiency in computer technologies. It focuses on programming methodology and skills, data processing, relevant mathematical skills, web development and mobile app development. Courses in this minor are supported with laboratory courses, programming projects, and application development. Completing these courses provides a strong foundation in computer science and engineering.


  • Learning Objectives

The courses in this minor will focus on analyzing the problems and identify the computing and/or mathematical techniques that help to design optimum solution. This minor includes practices to apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems (projects/applications). Students will be able to use current tools and techniques to implement and evaluate programs and computer-based systems.

Film Production

A minor in this course covers the role and responsibilities of a writer, director, cinematographers, Editors and other such Dept. in script development, pre- production, production, and post-production. The course will help students to develop film scholarly vocabulary, Precision in textual film analysis and refine understanding of the cultural dynamics of cinema. Film screening of different genres and reviewing them.


  • Learning Objectives
A minor in Film Productions will help the students to understand the basic concepts of a Filmmaking and its process and they will be able to express attributes of various Film genres. Students will be able to identify significant movements, innovations, and figures in film history. They will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of film making and be able to place a Film in its Historical context, analyze various kinds of film making principles and will develop an understanding of the Word Cinema.
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