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The School of Science at Navrachana University focuses on in-depth scientific inquiries that delve into theory and push the frontiers of science to shape the future. The programs are designed to bridge the gap between the student’s aspirations and industry expectations. Working in close association with industrial and academic experts, the School offers several unique undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of Science, with degrees in BSc (Chemistry, Microbiology & Life Sciences), Integrated BSc-MSc (Biomedical Science), and MSc (Chemistry, Microbiology, Life Science and Clinical Embryology)












Degree Programs

BSc Chemistry | Life Sciences

Full-time | Four-year Honours | On-campus | Undergraduate Program
Discover cutting edge applications of Chemistry and Life Science and apply that knowledge for research, industry and entrepreneurship.

Integrated BSc-MSc Biomedical Science

Full-time | Five-year | On-campus | Integrated Program
Explore a wide range of career options that advance human healthcare through roles in R&D, bioinstrumentation, medical imaging, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, drug design and delivery, medical equipment manufacturing and supplies, hospital and healthcare industry.

MSc Chemistry

Full-time | Two-year | On-campus | Postgraduate Program
Equip yourself for careers in a variety of fields that include drug and pharmaceutical industries, research laboratories, cancer research institutes, waste management, environment control and food processing.

Life Science

Full-time | Two-year
On-campus | Postgraduate Program
Choice of specializations in Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Biochemistry and Environmental Science, prepares candidates for roles in various positions in public & private sectors, government organizations, government and private schools, biotechnology firms, CROs, agricultural research organizations, medical research institutes, medical testing laboratories, food institutes, Wildlife and Fishery Departments, R&D firms, administrative agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry. Alternatively, one can also opt to pursue higher doctoral studies or work as an academician in a college/institute/university.


Full-time | Two-year
On-campus | Postgraduate Program
With the pandemic and rapid rise in infectious diseases, there is an increase in demand for microbiologists globally. It is recognized as one of the key priority sectors by the government for the Indian industry, it finds application in a variety of fields that include drug and pharmaceutical industries, vaccine and antibiotics development industries, research laboratories, clinical research, Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs, food industries such as dairy and agriculture, environmental industries like water management sectors and environmental remediation, chemical technology, and nanotechnology.

MSc Clinical

Full-time | Two-year
On-campus | Postgraduate Program
Clinical embryology course in India offer comprehensive training in assisted reproductive technologies, preparing students for careers in fertility clinics and research. It lays emphasis on the overall development of essential skills of an embryologist and empowers a student with hands on experience and focus on clinical practices being used in a ART clinic. The Program offers complete hands on insights and independent working in a clinical setup. The program has a unique model of University-Clinical collaboration with Oasis Fertility as the clinical partners to this program.
At the School of Science, Navrachana University, our BSc (Chemistry, Life Sciences & Microbiology), Integrated BSc-MSc (Biomedical Science) and MSc (Chemistry, Life Science, Biotechnology & Microbiology) programs help students apply advanced scientific knowledge for research, industry and entrepreneurship. The programs are structured to create professionals who are equipped to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to lead teams and organizations towards continued success.
The School of Science has highly qualified and experienced Faculty. It also facilitates research, leading to a Doctoral Degree or PhD with international collaborations in core contemporary research areas, international conferences, interdisciplinary research and a flexible open curriculum. Each program is designed to develop outstanding industry-ready professionals who

Learn independent
thinking in an open
learning environment

Are encouraged to
pursue innovation and

Gain career insights from
one of the best
mentorship programs

Get hands-on
experience through
well-equipped labs


Faculty Members




Our Academic Advisory Board gives vision to what the pedagogy must strive to achieve. It provides support and advice to academic programs, assists in the development of new programs, and identifies best-practice standards. Our Board comprises industry leaders, academic scholars and some of the sharpest and most experienced minds in the country.

Well-designed internships and training as a part of the curriculum ensure our students are organisation-ready. With a robust placement assistance program, students from School of Science at NUV are placed with some of the leading companies in pharmaceuticals and clinical research.

Our ingenious alumnae have set new standards in the companies they have joined. In the future, we plan to organize career guidance programs, training programs for Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, Communication Skills, Personality Development Program etc. in addition to preparing students for national level entrance exams like CSIR-NET, GATE, DBT-JRF, SLET and many more.


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What Students Say

The holistic approach of Biomedical Science course at NUV helps students to combine our classroom learning with concrete practical skills providing a strong foundation in science. The course nudges us in a direction to explore emerging technologies and advancements in fields like Genetics, Cell Biology and Reproductive Biomedicine. The course gives several opportunities to get involved in various international conferences, symposiums and field visits. The study module encourages us to understand the complexity of every living creature. One of the best things about the curriculum, is the diligent and dedicated faculty. Even during one of the most difficult times of pandemic, the university and teachers had made sure that our learning is not disrupted and we gather as much as possible.
Kashyapi Joshipura
I started my career journey with Navrachana University in 2018 by pursuing BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES (BMS) which is BSc-MSc integrated course entailing genetics, molecular biology, clinical biochemistry, immunology, cell biology and biotechnology. This is a highly research oriented program with good labs and technology focusing on practical and lab oriented skill development. Highly qualified and trained faculty members along with supporting staff form an integral part of this course.
Prince Upadhyay
This field maintains an exact combination of theoretical and pragmatic approaches in order to succeed in the futuristic research arena. As a pursuer of biomedical science, I now have a solid foothold in fundamental subjects such as cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, biotechnology, etc. In University I have participated in various seminars and conferences to enhance my knowledge. Furthermore, I envision this program will assist me in contributing to human welfare by creating effective and efficient technologies to create and implement research concepts.
Krishna Lohana

Massive disruptions, intense competitiveness, amplified focus on sustainability and highly volatile global dynamics are the truth of our times.

At NUV we are acutely aware that students who want to be successful in their professional and personal life, need to possess more than just academic knowledge.

They need to become team players and hone their creative skills to be able to solve new-age challenges. They need to nurture and grow their social, psychological, emotional, and ethical quotients. They need to internalise the lessons that playing a sport teaches – that victory and losses are sides of the same coin and not to get disheartened by setbacks. Thus, at NUV we focus on holistic development of our students that goes beyond books and includes art, culture, sports, student-organised seminars, explorations, field trips, etc.


Student Clubs

BioMed Club
The BioMed Club, established in 2018, wishes to reach all the curious minds and enrich them with knowledge on Biomedical Sciences. The club strives to promote interactions among the students of various fields, and spark discussions on innovative ideas.
BioMed Club organizes various activities that include events, releasing the magazine ‘Ingenious Probers’ and Phrenics Sessions.


‘Chemunity’ is the community of Chemistry students established in September 2019 on the occasion of Teachers’ Day by Dr. M. Rajlaxami, Coordinator, DBT Center for Bioinformatics, Holy Cross College-Trichi, wherein she delivered an expert lecture on the topic entitled ‘Applications of Bioinformatics: Research Perspectives’. Instituted by the undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing Chemistry at Navrachana University, the objective of the club is to promote interest in Chemistry and encourage curious minds to exchange new ideas. The club organizes activities that include expert lectures, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, industrial visits, etc. Chemunity has proactively organized several activities till date and shall strive to organize more activities that are relevant to the contemporary developments in Science and Chemistry for the benefit of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In-house Magazine

Ingenious Probers is an educational in-house magazine that was introduced and initiated by the pioneers of BioMed Club. It provides a platform to the students for writing scientific articles on recent developments of biomedicine and healthcare. The magazine reflects upon the potential of factual and scientific learning through constructive discussions, scientific debates and interviews
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