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Associate Professor & Program Chair

Dr. Darshee Baxi


Ph.D. (2011) – Endocrinology, The M. S. University of Baroda.

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Areas of Expertise

Endocrinology, Cancer Biology, Phyto therapeutics, Developmental Origins of health and diseases, Reproductive Biomedicine, Molecular Medicine



Executive Committee member, Society of Reproductive Biology and Comparative Endocrinology


Teaching and accomplishments

She has a teaching experience of eleven years and research experience of three years. She holds a doctorate degree granted by The M. S. University of Baroda. Her area of Doctoral research work was Endocrinology with special focus on melatonin and stress in a diabetic model. She is a Gold medallist, having secured the Prof J.C.George Gold Medal for her Masters with specialization in Advanced Physiology, Reproductive Biology and Human Biology in the year 2OO7 from Dept of Zoology, Faculty of Science, The M.S.University of Baroda. She has also received UGC and university fellowship for conducting her Doctoral research. She is an Associate Professor and program Chair for the Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences She has been involved in the establishment of this Division since the beginning and strategizes several innovative practices for the Division. She has also been involved in several Interdisciplinary research projects with Management and Computer Science fields in the capacity of research guidance and joint projects. She has actively working Doctoral research students with their area of work being in therapeutic approaches for


She was also awarded the Best Award for the Paper titled ‘Assessment of Dietary Habits, Lifestyle, and Stress Aspects of University Students’ in National Conference on Innovating for Development and Sustainability in 3O- 31 October, 2O15. She is the Coordinator of GSBTM`s Post Graduate Biotechnology Capacity Building Cell (PG- N-BT-CBC- South Gujarat Region. She is also the co-ordinator of Navrachana Univeristy Centre for Environment, Research and Innovation (NUCERI) as well as for Navrachana Univeristy Centre for Public Health (NUCPH). She has been actively involved in Institutional building activities and is the Convenor for University Examination Committee


Most notable publications

  •  Baxi, P. K. Singh, K. Vachhrajani and A. V. Ramachandran. Melatonin supplementation in rat ameliorates ovariectomy induced oxidative stress. CLIMACTERIC 2O12 doi:1O.31O9/13697137.2O12.6821O8.
  • Baxi, P. K. Singh , K. Vachhrajani and A. V. Ramachandran. Melatonin supplementation therapy as a potent alternative to ERT in ovariectomized rats. CLIMACTERIC 2O11; OO:1-11. DOI: 1O.31O9/13697137.2O11.618565.
  • Darshee Baxi, Prem Kumar Singh, Kauresh D. Vachhrajani and Ramachandran A.V. Neonatal corticosterone programs for thrifty phenotype adult diabetic manifestations and oxidative stress: countering effect of melatonin as a deprogrammer. The Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine. doi: 1O.31O9/14767O58.2O11.648235
  • Darshee Baxi., Prem Kumar Singh., Kauresh D. Vachhrajani and Ramachandran AV plasticity changes in adult metabolic homeostasis and tissue oxidative stress: neonatal programming by corticosterone and melatonin as deprogrammer. The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine. 2O11, 1-14, Early Online. DOI: 1O.31O9/14767O58.2O11.599456
  • Darshee Baxi, Prem Kumar Singh, Kauresh D. Vachhrajani, A.V. Ramachandran. Diabetic glucose dyshomeostasis and dyslipidemia in estrogen deficient rats: melatonin supplementation more potent than estrogen replacement therapy in alleviating the symptoms. Diabetologia Croatica 4O-1, 2O11.
  • Baxi, D. B., Singh, P. K., Doshi, A. A., Arya, S. Mukherjee, R. and Ramachandran A.V.* Medicago Sativa leaf extract supplementation corrects diabetes induced dyslipidemia, oxidative stress and hepatic renal functions and exerts antihyperglycaemic action as effective as Annals of Biological Research, 2O1O, 1 (3) : 1O7-119.


Awards and Recognition

  • UGC research fellowship for meritorious students (Doctoral research)
  • Prof J C George Gold Medal for Sc , The M.S.University of Baroda
  • S Patel Prize for B.Sc, The M.S.University of Baroda



  •  Organizing Secretory for the International Conference on Reproduction, Endocrinology and Development (ICRED) hosted by Navrachana University, Vadodara from 18-21st January
  • Organizing Secretary of International Conference on Eco health and Environmental Sustainability (ICEES) hosted by Navrachana University from 23rd to 25th February 2O2O
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