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The Khoj program has been one of the defining social immersion activity at Navrachana University. Conceived right during the inception of the University, the Khoj program was envisaged to be a vehicle to inculcate social awareness, empathy and inter-disciplinary skills amongst our students, with a larger aim of proposing solutions to societal problems through innovation.


To further strengthen these foundational ideas of Khoj program and to engage on topics that are relevant and can be made visible to the society at large, the program is now conceived as a larger and more ambitious activity that is undertaken by students and faculty members during the semester break under the umbrella of KHOJ WINTER SCHOOL. The aim is to administer the Khoj program as intense, rigorous and field based activity in workshop mode while addressing a pressing social issue in the region in and around Vadodara. This format has led to an uninterrupted and concentrated involvements of the students and their mentors.


Faculty members had offered interesting, innovative and relevant khoj projects in the areas of urban labour, migration, traffic, ecology, farming practices, public spaces, social behaviour etc. Students have chosen projects based on their interest and have done meticulous work to achieve the designed objectives. In this process, they have learned to address an issue using interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach hence leading to deeper insights into their understanding.

More than 160 panels and models, related to 30 projects undertaken by over 600 students and professors.
Topics of urban and rural Vadodara, such as waste management, labour migration, public health, transport planning, urban ecology, landscape, and street lighting, just to name a few.

Mapping Lightning Incidences around Vadodara

A unique study where students developed a prototype of a prediction model for anticipating the incidence of lightning, under Dr. Pallavi Ghalsasi, Associate Professor. The model has been successful in predicting incidences with 90% accuracy, can prove to be a boon for disaster management.

Assessment of the health status of Bhayli and Gotri Ponds of Vadodara

Dr. Parth Pandya and his students team assessed the health status of two ponds located in Gotri (urban settings) and Bhayli (rural settings) and found that the village pond is more polluted and its biodiversity at a greater risk than the urban pond.

Bridging the gap between wastage of food & hunger through technology

Firdos Solanki and his students team surveyed hotels and canteens to understand food waste management and tried to quantify the problem of excess food going to waste; and developed a tech-enabled solution for traceability, real-time tracking and an autonomous supply chain.

Khoj program has been part of the NUV curriculum right from the beginning. We at Navrachana University, very strongly believe that all our student must be sensitized to societal issues, must develop empathy towards others and should use their skills and understanding in helping others in the society. Hence the Khoj Winter School that has now been re-imagined and made more rigorous is an important vehicle to realize this aspiration.


At Navrachana University, it has been our firm belief that learning spans much more than what is taught within the four walls of the classrooms. We want our students to go out there and work on real-world challenges. This allows them to develop a new way of looking at things and exploring new things.

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