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B.Sc. Biomedical


Which other University offers Biomedical Science?

NMIMS in Mumbai is one of the other University to offer an Integrated Program in Biomedical Science. Navrachana University is one of the pioneers in this field in Gujarat to start this course.

What is Biomedical Science? How is it different to Lifescience.

Biomedical science caters to the understanding of Biology and Medicine is for all those students who are willing to make their career in the field of medical science research, industry and diagnostics.

How is an integrated course different than a three year B.Sc course?

Integrated program is a five year program which allows for a dedicated and disciplined exposure to courses of Biology and medical science . It is a direct M.Sc course and so the students do not have to give additional entrance test for M.Sc. They can start conducting research early which is not possible in a 3+2 program. They have a better and sound understanding of this science.

How is this course different than Cell and Molecular Biology?

Cell and Molecular Biology is specialised course of Lifescience. It focuses on research oriented training mainly. While Biomedical Science, is a field that is a combination of Biology, Medicine and Pharmaceutics as a result the students have a broad range of applicability after they complete M.Sc. They have more options for job as well as research.

Do they have internships training? Do they have dissertation?

Students have to attend to a compulsory component of summer training twice during this five year program. They are placed in several labs/industry/National Institutes in India as well as abroad. Full one year is dedicated to research with complete six months dedicated for practical aspects of work and they have to defend a thesis at the end with publications.

What is the scope of this course?

This course is designed in a way that it caters to the current and challenging needs of pharmaceutical industries, CROs, Molecular diagnostic labs. It is also developed with a view of getting very good opportunities for those who aspire to study abroad. Students shall be well equipped with various additional interdisciplinary inputs that will help them get jobs or plan for higher studies anywhere in India and abroad.

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