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Thanks to COVID-19, the future of jobs has changed. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology and virtual working, wherein employees don’t need to be in office. They can work from almost anywhere, as long as they have a good net connection.


This has changed the entire job landscape.

More Job Opportunities for Everyone

Remote working and Work From Home (WFH) have opened up many more career opportunities for you. No more are you restricted to jobs in your city, now you can apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

Also, More Competition for Everyone

The same remote working and WFH which have opened up job opportunities for you, have also opened up competition for each job opening. Now you don’t compete only with similar qualification candidates from your city and some candidates from other cities who are ready to re-locate, but with practically all candidates from across the world.

Job Interview Skills Need To Be Upgraded

With many companies continuing to embrace remote and hybrid work models, interviews too will continue to be largely remote. So keep your video interviewing skills sharp by following these tips for the right body language and video etiquette.

Marketing and Presentation Skills Need To Be Upgraded

But what happens once you are in? Be ready for giving presentations over Zoom or MS Teams. Learn about online meeting etiquettes and presentation skills. A good place to start will be to understand the dos and don’ts for online classes.

Expect the Unexpected

The truth is, a vast majority of people feel like they had the proverbial rug pulled out from under them when the pandemic hit. But going forward and being prepared for future disruptions is the sure fire way to survive, especially in the job market.

Personal Digital Identities Need To Be Built

Potential employers, recruiters, and HR managers are increasingly studying publicly available material on each candidate by reviewing their social media handles like LinkedIn, Twitter and sometimes even Facebook and Instagram. Also taken into consideration is what a Google search throws-up about you as a candidate. So you need to build your online-identity from the time you step into college, as it takes at least three to four years to shape it and give you an edge in the job market. It is a good idea to create your personal website, carefully draft your LinkedIn profile and ensure that your social media accounts are job-search friendly.

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