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Associate Dean

Dr. P. V. Xavier

School of Liberal Studies and Education

Dr. PV Xavier did his B.Ed, M.Ed., and his Ph.D from The Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, Baroda. He did his MA from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.

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  • Dr. Xavier has a one year Industrial Experience in administration. He served in Asea Brown Boveri working on an area of security concerns of industries. He also worked in a glass industry at Sardar Estate, Baroda as a manager for a brief period before totally entering in to the area of education.
  • He started the teaching career in Navrachana School, Sama. Along with the various tasks, he took the initiative to start National Scouts and National Cadet Corps (NCC).
  • The new task of administration was given after eleven long years of service as a teacher. He continued in administrative support under the Principal as a co-ordinator for four years. He left the school to take up the tasks of the Navrachana College of Education, Sama.
  • He took up the task as a faculty cum Principal in Navrachana College of Education/School of Liberal Studies and Education, Navrachana University. He has been on that post for the last twelve years.
  • Now, he is given the task of Associate Dean of School of Liberal Studies and Education to take care of the School

Scholarships and Accomplishments

  • He specialized in School education, especially in teaching methods and administration through the Courses of Bachelor of Education and Master of Education at MS University, Baroda.
  • Navrachana College of Education won the National Award in ‘Integration of technology in pedagogy’.
  • The B.Ed program of Navrachana University is found as the best in the state as per the Ph.D level research of a scholar. He brought in new Programs like Master of Education and Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. He gave an active support in starting and the running of Ph.D in Education in Navrachana University.

Accomplishment as a Faculty Expert

  • Called as Subject expert, Management in Education, MS University, Baroda, 2014-2015
  • Called as Subject expert, Sociology in Education, MS University, Baroda, January, 2015
  • Called as Subject expert external, Educational management – M.Ed M and PDEM, Department of administration, MS University, Baroda, 2014-2015, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19

Accomplishments in Educational Programs Conducted (Team member in Workshops on)

  1. “Constructivism: an emerging pedagogic concern”, NISV Baroda, Vidyani Baroda, BHS Baroda, Jay Ambe Baroda, Hanifa School Borsad
  2. “Simulating thinking”, ShaishavSchool, Baroda
  3. “Effective Communication”, AuxilliumSchool, Baroda

Accomplishments in Educational Programs Designed (Leader and Team member in Short-term Programs)

  1. National Seminar on “Teacher Education: Vision and Action”, Baroda, February, 2005
  2. National Seminar on “Understanding by Design”, Baroda, November, 2005
  3. National Seminar on “Educating the Whole Child”, Baroda, December, 2006
  4. State level Seminar on “Relevance of Dr Ambedkar’s Economic Philosophy in Today’s Context”, Baroda, January, 2006
  5. National level Seminar on “National Curriculum Frame work-“, Baroda, February, 2008
  6. National level Seminar on “Towards a violence free world: Role of Education”, Baroda, January, 2009
  7. PV Xavier under Navrachana College of Education, National level Seminar on “Education for ChangeImplications for Teacher Education”, Baroda, February, 2013.


  • Merit in educational service by, Vidyani School in September, 2015. Awarded a citation and shawl.
  • Meritorious services Award in Education by JC Group of schools(Shannen), in February, 2016
  • Teacher at Bachelor of Education level on areas of ‘Perspectives in education’.
  • Teacher at Master of Education level on areas of ‘Educational administration’.
  • Teacher at Master of Social work on areas of ‘Social work and philosophy’.
  • Teacher at Ph.D on areas of ‘ Perspectives in Education’

Research: As a guide at the Masters’ level

  1. Rayan Arul, PV Xavier (Guide), Developing and implementing a psychological educational package for enhancing self-esteem of the secondary school students of Vadodara city, Navrachana University, 2013.
  2. Panchmatiya Shweta, PV Xavier (Guide), A study of the system of provision of lunch in the schools of Vadodara, Navrachana University, 2013.
  3. Pandya Vaibhavi, PV Xavier(Guide), Developing critical thinking skills package for student teachers of Vadodara city, 2014.
  4. Singh Pratibha, PV Xavier, A study on the leadership style of effective women principals in CBSE schools, MS University, Baroda-2015.
  5. Sharma Neeta, PV Xavier, A case study of the curriculum and instruction in a CBSE International primary school, MS University, Baroda-2015.
  6. Priyanka, PV Xavier (Guide), A study of unacceptable behavior in the school and the level of awqreness by the students of vadodara city, 2015
  7. SaxenaNeeti, PV Xavier (Guide), Developing and implementing a training program on “Global issues” among teacher trainees at Navrachana University of Vadodara City, 2015.
  8. DabhoiwalaBilkish, PV Xavier(Guide), Study on the impact of government textbooks of standard V in the learning process in the private English medium schools of vadodara city, 2015.

Research: As a guide at the Ph.D level

  • Vaibhavi Gawarikar, PV Xavier (Guide), Developing, Implementing and Assessing an Intervention Program based on Paulian Approach to Critical Thinking for Student teachers of Vadodara, 2021

Book Chapters

  • PV, Xavier. “Foundation and management of Education”. Varisen Publication, Ahmedabad, 2010.
  • PV, Xavier. “Current concerns and Emerging Education”. Varisen Publication, Ahmedabad, 2010.


  • PV Xavier, Editor (for 7 years), SnehaVahini, quarterly magazine, Pulblished by St. Thomas Fellowship, Baroda for circulation in India.
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