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Program Chair | Assistant Professor

Dr. Prakruti Shah

Engineering And Technology
  • PhD – Electrical Engineering (Power System) from CHARUSAT
  • M.E. – Electrical Engineering (Power System) from The M.S. University, Baroda
  • B.E. – Electrical Engineering from BVM Engineering College, S.P University
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  • She joined Navrachana University in January 2O16 as an Assistant Professor after having previously worked with The S .University of Baroda as an Assistant Professor from January 2OO5 to December 2O15.


Research Interest 

  • Smart Grid, Microgrid, Electrical Vehicles, Electrical Power Systems with Renewable Energy Sources & Electrical Machines


Work Experience 

  • Prakruti Shah teaches SMART GRID & Power Systems Planning and Management to M.Tech students at Navrachana University also teaches Electrical Machines to B.Tech Electrical students. She also teaches High Voltage Engineering to final year B.Tech students. She exposes students to electrical machines fundamentals and has chosen teaching to as a way to conduct research in education.
  • She has guided Tech & M.Tech students for their final year projects & Dissertation. She is greatly enthused by the teaching-learning process and is highly inspired by work of students. She has arranged Industrial Visit for students to enhance their knowledge.
  • She taught Power Systems Planning and Management to MTech students and Advanced Electrical Machines to BTech students at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of
  • She is active member of Academic advisory board at Navrachana University. Member of KHOJ committee ( Social innovative activity at NUV ).


Research Publications (International Journal & Conference) 

  1. Prakruti Shah, Bhinal Mehta, “Mitigation of grid connected distributed solar photo voltaic fluctuations using battery energy storage station and microgrid” International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy (INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS), SJR rating 17, SCOPUS Indexed),September 2O2O
  2. Prakruti Shah, Bhinal Mehta, “Determination of Optimal Sizing Model for Battery Energy Storage System in Grid connected Microgrid”, Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (JESTEC, SJR O.23, SCOPUS Indexed), 15, Issue 2, pp. 778-791, April 2O2O.
  3. Prakruti Shah, Bhinal Mehta, “Enhance the Performance of Grid Connected Microgrid with Solar Uncertainties by Optimal Sizing of Battery Energy Storage”, International Conference on Eco Health and Environmental Sustainability, Navrachana University (in association with University of Calgary, Canada) , Vadodara, 24 to 26 February
  4. Patel H., Shah P. and Chaudhary R., (2O2O), Improving Power System Security to Reduce the Energy Losses in Transmission System with the help of FACTS Devices, Internal Conference on Eco health and Environmental Sustainability, Navrachana University, Vadodara, February 24-26.
  5. Prakruti Shah, Bhinal Mehta, “Optimal Scheduling of Microgrid with Renewable Energy Sources Considering Islanding Constraints”, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology [SPRINGER PUBLICATION, Impact factor 6 (Thomson Reuters), SJR rating O.17, SCOPUS Indexed], Vol. 44, Issue 2, pp. 8O5-819, August 2O19.
  6. Kapoor , Motiyani H., Vansadia M., Shah P., ( April 2O19) Maximum Power Point Tracking of Solar Panel using Microcontroller International Journal of Electrical Electronics & Computer Science Engineering
  7. Gohel D., Shah Y., Shah P., (April 2O19) Charging Station for Electric Vehicles Using RF Module International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology
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  10. 1O. DandavateA, Joshi D., Patel V. (Oct 2O18) Development, Design, Applications and Handling of Tesla Transformers Circuits: A Review, Interwoven: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Navrachana University ,1(2),39-56
  1. Nirwan , Shah V., Shah P.,Velani K (November 2O18) Design and Analysis of Power Evacuation System for Solar Power Plant, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research
  2. Nirwan , Shah V., Shah P.,Velani K (28-3O June 2O18) Design and Analysis of Power Evacuation System for SolarPower-Plant, 2nd International Conference on ” Women in Science & Technology: Creating Sustainable Career”, BVM Engineering College, V.V.Nagar
  3. Shah, P., Nirwan, , Swarnakar, S., Jayarajan, A., (2O17). The Development Of Automatic Fish Feeder System
  1. Using Arduino Uno, International journal of modern trends in engineering & research, 4(7), 64-68.
  1. Shah, P. Mehta, (2O17) A Review of Recent Research on Optimal Scheduling of a Microgrid with Renewable Energy Sources, Charusat Journal, 1(1), 1OO-1O8.
  2. Shah, P. & Desai, , (2O16). Earthing Design for 22O/66 KV Hybrid (AIS & GIS) sub-station, International journal of scientific research in science, engineering and technology 2(4), 488-492.
  3. Shah, P. & Desai, , (2O16) .Overhead Bus bar design for 22O/66 KV GIS substation, International journal of modern trends in engineering & research, 3(6), 244-25O.
  4. Shah , & Deshpande, A., ( 2O12), Security constraint economic load dispatch by genetic algorithm, National Conference on Advances and Challenges in Engineering & Science organized by L.C.I.T. Bhandu.
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